Cleopatra Bernard

Quick Facts about Cleopatra Bernard Full Name: Cleopatra Eretha Dreena Bernard Date of Birth: 15th February 1980 Place of Birth: Jamaica Star Sign: Aquarius Nationality: American, Jamaica Occupation: Homemaker, artist manager, and social media personality Net worth: $2.5 Million Marital Status: Married to Dwayne Ricardo Cleopatra Bernard is well-known as the mother to late rapper … Read more

Karisma Collins

General Facts about Karisma Collins Full Names: Karisma Collins Born on: 21st June 2000 Place of Birth: Alberta, Canada Star Sign: Cancer Nationality: Canadian Occupation: Model & Social Media Personality Net worth: $500,000 Marital Status: Unmarried Karisma is a Canadian model and one of the top personalities on social media, boasting 1 million followers on … Read more

Ayla Woodruff

General Facts about Ayla Woodruff Full Name: Ayla Woodruff Born on: 26th August 1992 Place of Birth: Flagstaff, Arizona Star Sign: Virgo Nationality: American Occupation: Social Media Personality Net worth: $300,000 Marital Status: Unmarried Ayla is a YouTuber, and a sister to Blake Woodruff, who played the role of Mike Baker in the comedy film … Read more

Vandy Jaidenn

General Facts and Figures Name: Vandy Jaidenn Net Worth: $3,000,000 Occupation: Instagram Star, Model, Style Blogger, Fitness Guru Date of Birth: 22nd July 2004 Place of Birth: United States Zodiac Sign: Cancer Marital Status: Unmarried Early Life and Education The internet is a good place, especially for those who want to use it in the … Read more

Taylor Alesia

General Facts and Figures Full name: Taylor Alesia Compton Net Worth: $500,000 Occupation: Social Media Personality, Model, Influencer, Music Artist, YouTuber Birthday: October 13, 1996 Birthplace: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States Birth Sign: Libra Marital status: Unmarried Early Life and Education When Taylor Alesia burst into the social media world, things were never the same. This … Read more

Brittany Renner

General Facts and Figures Full name: Brittany Renner Net Worth: $500,000 Occupation: Fitness model, Instagram star Birthday: February 26, 1992 Birthplace: Ocean Springs, Mississippi Birth Sign: Pisces Marital status: Unmarried Early Life and Education Brittany Renner is a renowned fitness model and social media personality, thanks to her enviously toned body. Born in February 1992, … Read more

Timmy Thick

Quick Facts about Timmy Thick Full name: unknown Net Worth: $30 000 Occupation: Instagram star Birthday: 21st August 2002/ debatable Birthplace: New York, USA Birth Sign: Leo Marital status: Unmarried Nationality: American If you are an avid social media user, you probably know about Timmy Thick or have heard about him more so on Instagram. … Read more

Tayler Holder

General Facts and Figures Full Name: Tayler Holder Occupation: YouTube, Social Media Star Net worth: $500K to $1 million Born: 19th of August 1997 Place Born: Alvarado, Texas Zodiac Sign: Leo Relationship Status: Dating Who is Tayler Holder? Tayler holder is an Internet star who began his journey to stardom while still a teenager. He … Read more