DJ Akademiks – Biography 2020

General Facts and Figures Full name: Livingston Allen Net Worth: $6.5 million Occupation: YouTube star, Gossiper, known for reporting stories and rumors Birthday: May 17, 1991 Birthplace: Spanish Town, Jamaica Birth Sign: Taurus Marital status: Unmarried, dating Angelica Ggx Instagram: @akadmiks Youtube: DJ Akademiks Soundcloud: iamakademiks Early Life DJ Akademiks, a Jamaican-American celebrity, is not … Read more DJ Akademiks – Biography 2020

Molly Ephraim – Biography 2020

General Facts and Figures Full name: Molly Ephraim Net Worth: $1 Million Occupation: Actress Birthday: May 22, 1986 Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Birth Sign: Gemini Marital status: Unmarried Molly Ephraim is an American actress who has appeared in movies and television shows such as Last Man Standing, Law & Order, Royal Pains, Hench at Home, Paranormal … Read more Molly Ephraim – Biography 2020

Christopher Lloyd – Biography 2020

General facts and figures Full name: Christopher Allen Lloyd Net Worth: $50 million Occupation: Actor and voice actor Birthday: October 22, 1938 Birthplace: Stamford, Connecticut Birth Sign: Libra Marital status: Married and divorced several times About Christopher Lloyd Christopher Lloyd was born on 22 October 1938 in Stamford, Connecticut. He is a renowned actor, comedian … Read more Christopher Lloyd – Biography 2020

Aaron Hernandez – Biography 2020

Quick Facts and Figures Full name: Aaron Michael Hernandez Net Worth: $50,000 Occupation: NFL football player Birthday: November 6, 1989 Birthplace: Bristol, Connecticut Birth Sign: Scorpio Marital status: Engaged with Shayanna Jenkins in 2012 Trivia He was convicted of murder in 2015. He committed suicide on April 19, 2017. Hernandez was married to a woman … Read more Aaron Hernandez – Biography 2020

Jackie Chan Biography 2020

General facts and figures Full name: Chan Kong-sang (Changed to Fong Si-lung in the 1990s) Net Worth: estimated at $350 million Occupation: Martial Arts Expert, movie actor, director, producer, singer, stuntman, philanthropist Birthday: April 7, 1954 (age 65) Birthplace: Hong Kong, China Birth Sign: Aries Marital status: Married Trivia: Chan claims that he has broken … Read more Jackie Chan Biography 2020

Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography 2020

General facts and figures Full name: Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger Net Worth: between $400 and $800 million Occupation: bodybuilder, movie star, governor, businessman Birthday: July 30, 1947 (age 71) Birthplace: Thal, Styria near Graz, Austria Birth Sign: Leo Marital status: Divorced since 2011 from Maria Shriver Highlights about Arnold Schwarzenegger Born in a small town in … Read more Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography 2020

Felicia Day – Biography 2020

General Facts and Figures Full name: Kathryn Felicia Day Net Worth: Over $1 million Occupation: singer, producer, writer, actress, voice actress, web series creator Birthday: June 28th, 1979 Birthplace: Huntsville, Alabama Birth Sign: Cancer Marital status: Unknown Kids: A daughter What makes Felicia Day famous? Felicia Day is a 29-year-old American actress, voice actress, web … Read more Felicia Day – Biography 2020

Paul Vincent – Biography 2020

General Facts and Figures Full name: Paul Vincent Sinclair Net Worth: $400,000 Occupation: Sound editor, unrevealed Birthday: July 18th, 1967 Birthplace: Alameda, California Birth Sign: Cancer Marital status: Unrevealed What makes Paul Vincent famous? The name Paul Vincent probably doesn’t ring a bell, nor does his photograph, but the 52-year-old is actually the twin brother … Read more Paul Vincent – Biography 2020

Erik Salitan/Life Below Zero – Biography 2020

General Facts and Figures Full name: Erik Salitan Net Worth: about $400,000 Occupation: TV reality personality, pilot, hunter, guide and owner of Bushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting Birthday: February 9th, 1984 Birthplace: New York State Birth Sign: Aquarius Marital status: Married to Martha Mae Salitan Kids: One son – Lucas Salitan What makes Erik Salitan … Read more Erik Salitan/Life Below Zero – Biography 2020

Suzanne Whiston – Biography 2020

General Facts and Figures Full name: Suzanne Whiston Net Worth: $2 million Occupation: TV Journalist, producer of BBC’s “Match of the Day” Birthday: 1968 Birthplace: England Birth Sign: Undisclosed Marital status: In a relationship with Karl Pilkington What makes Suzanne Whiston famous? Suzanne Whiston is a 51-year-old British TV journalist, and the producer of the … Read more Suzanne Whiston – Biography 2020

Elizabeth Huberdeau – Biography 2020

General Facts and Figures Full name: Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth: About $2 million Occupation: Real estate agent, company owner Birthday: November 29th, 1979 Birthplace: West Newbury, Massachusetts Birth Sign: Sagittarius Marital status: divorced from John Cena What makes Elizabeth Huberdeau famous? Elizabeth Huberdeau, better known as Liz Cena is the teenage sweetheart of wrestler, actor, … Read more Elizabeth Huberdeau – Biography 2020

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