Harry Maguire Net Worth


General Facts and Figures:

    • Name: Harry Maguire
    • Net Worth: $20 Million
    • Occupation: Footballer
    • Date of Birth: March 5, 1993
    • Place of Birth: Sheffield, United Kingdom
    • Zodiac: Pisces
    • Spouse: Fern Hawkins

Childhood and Education


Although Harry Maguire (full name: Jacob Harry Maguire) was raised in the adjacent community of Mosborough, he was born in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, on March 5, 1993. Joe and Laurence, his brothers, are also football players.

Maguire attended a primary school and a high school, both of which were Catholic. He played as a central midfielder for Sheffield United’s youth from the age of 7 to 16, even though that wasn’t his position in senior football.

Professional Growth

In addition to his physical power and presence, Maguire is renowned for his calmness on the ball and his commanding defense. Maguire is also renowned for his ability to score strong headers and is a strong and skilled penalty kick taker. However, such characteristics, which he primarily displayed while in Leicester, faded later. Though he has recently struggled to get playing time at Manchester United, due to making a series of bad calls in defense, Maguire is still a vital member of the “Three Lions” (the nickname of the England National Team) and is widely considered one of the best English defenders of the current generation.

After spending time on loan at Wigan Athletic (2015), Maguire played for Hull City until 2017 and Leicester City (2017-2019) – all before starting his professional career with Sheffield United in 2011.

Maguire became the most expensive defender in football history when Manchester United paid £80 million to sign him from Leicester City in the summer of 2019. Maguire, who has played 175 games for “The Red Devils” in his four years with the team, was named captain of Manchester United and went on to win the 2022–23 EFL Cup, his lone trophy with the team.

Since making his “Three Lions” debut in 2017, Maguire has participated in 62 games for England on the international scene, which can be considered a noteworthy figure given that he skipped the entire youth national team career (played only one official game for England U21). Although he hasn’t yet taken home a title with his nation, he was included in the 2020 UEFA European Championship Team of the Tournament.

Personal Life

Personal Life

Maguire is a dad of two. Maguire wed his longtime partner Fern Hawkins in June 2022 at the Chateau de Varennes in South Burgundy, France.

Maguire disclosed on his Instagram profile three years before that that Hawkins had given birth to their first child, a girl. In 2020, Hawkins and a football player welcomed their second daughter.

Greek Scuffle and Bomb Threat

On the Greek island of Mykonos in August 2020, Maguire was taken into custody following an altercation with law enforcement. After being held for two days, he was freed, and his trial was set for August. Then, a court on the island of Syros found Maguire guilty of serious assault, resisting arrest, and attempting bribery, convicting him of all charges. Since it was his first offense and the three counts were misdemeanors, he was sentenced to 21 months and 10 days in suspended incarceration.

Maguire’s defense team appealed the court decision the day following the trial, but his conviction stood. Although the prosecution is eager for the case to be decided as soon as possible, it was stated in March 2021 that Maguire’s appeal was unlikely to happen that year and that proceedings may perhaps be postponed until 2028.

When Maguire received a bomb threat last year, the police searched his home for devices.

Getting Mocked on Social Media

Set-pieces were where he has always posed as a threat, and the previous European Championship saw England play such tight defense in part because of him. However, if you paid any attention to memes, you would assume that he was some kind of foolish fool playing football in clown shoes. United have never made to bring back the glory of the Ferguson era, and the combination of this and Maguire’s occasional rookie mistakes on the pitch has put his team away from the title fight in the Premier League in the last five years.

As demonstrated by his own goal against Scotland, he has been extremely unfortunate. However, this level of misfortune will only last temporarily. However, because of the steadfast and unwavering criticism directed towards him, the 95% of his game that’s excellent is being disregarded in favor of the 5% that isn’t. It reminds us of the saying, “can’t do right for doing wrong”. It seems like people are simply waiting for him to make a mistake before jumping all over him once more.

Estimated Worth


Before we move on to Maguire’s worth, we must stress what led to it:

  • He’s currently (and even before United) playing in the most-watched football league in the world: the English Premier League had 38,181 spectators at each game last season, 643 million viewers worldwide, and an estimated 3.2 billion watchers worldwide (Sports Unfold data).
  • He’s currently playing in the most popular football league to bet on.
  • He’s currently wearing the jersey of one of the four most sought-after teams to wager on in the EPL: apart from Manchester United, these are Liverpool, Chelsea, and Manchester City (info from Betting Gods). As usual, the latter, the reigning champions, were the overwhelming favorites before the start of the ongoing season. Nevertheless, indications imply that they’ll have a far tougher time holding onto their crown this time, according to the odds set by the best English betting sites in 2023 (ranked by At the moment of writing the article, Manchester City’s odds to take the title are estimated at 5/4. Arsenal is the second favorite with odds of 5/2, while Liverpool is third at 11/4.
  • He’s currently wearing a jersey of the only side to have won the competition 20 times.

According to reports, Maguire is worth £20 million, with the majority of his income coming from his £190,000 weekly wage, or £9,880,000 annually. He inked a £700,000 contract with the sportswear company Puma in 2019, which allegedly includes £18,000 per game for donning £180 Puma One boots. Maguire is a real estate investor as well. He just paid £4 million for a property in Cheshire and is attempting to sell it for £1.8 million.

His agreement with United expires in 2025. This is a self-inflicted dilemma if the club is shelling out such substantial money that no other club has the funds to sign him. He has every right to wait out the contract, and as an accomplished defender, there will be many teams vying for his services—ideally, a low-blocking team that can surround him with younger players to handle his running.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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