General Facts and Figures

  • Name: Alex
  • Alias: YandereDev
  • Net Worth: $700,000
  • Occupation: YouTuber, Independent Game Developer, Creator
  • Date of Birth: 30th June 1988
  • Place of Birth: California, United States
  • Sun Sign: Cancer
  • Marital Status: Unknown

Early Life and Education

YandereDev resides in California, which is also his birthplace. He was born in 1988 on 30th June. Unfortunately, YandereDev is a relatively private person, and getting details on his siblings and parents is a big task.

Alex notes that he did not get enough public exposure when growing up. He says that he was so protected and sheltered that getting outside would result in anxiety. For that reason, he became aloof.

However, joining Santa Monica College in California helped him reintegrate into society. Here, he earned an associate degree in Animation, Interactive Technology, and Video Graphics.

Growing up, Yandere tried to design simple games, mostly by scribbling various ideas and characters. His inspiration was Daniel Remar, a game developer. Thanks to Daniel, Alex chose to build his career around programming.

Professional Life

Yandere started getting into the limelight when he launched his YouTube channel in 2012. He worked with a game development company called Kung Fu Factory for about three years during this time. From there, he decided to create the Yandere Stimulator.

While he released multiple prototypes between 2013 and 2014, almost none became popular. Things changed in 2014 when he pitched the idea of a school girl serial killer simulator. Its reception was warm, prompting him to start working on it.

Over the years, he has developed different games, from simple games to in-game video games. Some of the top video games he has developed are Yandere Clicker, Kuudere Simulator 3, Midori Forest, and Burning Love.

Further, he has worked with an unknown video game to produce five console games and five video games.

Personal Life

Yandere often works for about 12 hours a day. His dedication to work has always been unrivaled. His consistency allows him to update the games at least twice a month.

Previously, he indicated how insecure he was about his appearance. According to him, the dark lines under his eyes were relatively ugly. However, after years of hiding, he finally revealed his face.

Alex is a relatively secretive person. He barely divulges details about his relationships, including family and love life.

Short Bio of Yandere Dev

  • On his YouTube account, Yandere Dev’s “I Want My Senpai Back” video has amassed enormous popularity.
  • He didn’t limit himself to any particular genre.
  • One of his most well-known instructional films is “Yandere Simulator Rival Introduction Video.”
  • Another element that frequently shows up in his movies is slime.
  • His admirers frequently enjoy the experiments Yandere conducts with slimes.
  • Artistry has always been a part of Yandere Dev. He spent the majority of his school days working on scientific projects with materials he obtained from his garden.
  • He will never turn down the chance to perform at college or high school festivals. He developed an interest in computers and information technology later in life.
  • Yandere has always wished to amuse recount his life experiences to others.
  • He decided to launch a YouTube channel to share his stories and show off his skills as a consequence.

Estimated Worth

Alex has an estimated net fortune of $700,000.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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