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Zoe Sugg also known as Zoella is a British YouTuber, entrepreneur, author, and media personality who is considered British YouTube royalty who started her YouTube channel back in 2009. Currently, she is in a relationship with her partner who is also on YouTube. With him, she has two kids.

Zoella is known to be famous mainly because she was one of the OG YouTubers who gained a lot of attention and collaborated with many YouTubers. Currently, she has a website where she markets products for other brands and shares her opinion as well. She has been featured in famous media brands like Forbes and acknowledged for her work.

Full Name Zoë Elizabeth Sugg
Parents Tracey Sugg
Graham Sugg
Net Worth $4 Million
YouTube subscribers 10.7 million (main); 4.9 million (vlogs)
Name of YouTube channel Zoella
Zoe Sugg
Occupation YouTuber and entrepreneur
Birthday March 28, 1990
Age (as in 2024) 34 Years Old
Birthplace Lacock, United Kingdom
Star Sign Aries
Partner Alfie Deyes (2014–)
Kids Ottilie
Brother Joe Sugg
Social Media YouTube

Early Childhood

Zoe Sugg with husband and kid
Zoe was born on 28 March 1900 in Lacock, Wiltshire. She is the eldest daughter and has a younger brother who is also a YouTuber. For early education, she went to Corsham School and Arts College. Her main subjects in A-levels were arts, photography, and textiles. She has a passion for arts and media but did not pursue any university degree.

For a long time, she was featured in the GCSE Media Studies Syllabus but later was removed because of the controversy over her degree. While most people appreciated that she was included in the curriculum, others debated that someone who has such a limited education career should not be included.

After removing her from the curriculum, GCSE received a lot of backlash. However, when asked about her removal from the curriculum, it was explained that while she has a very young audience, her opinions on websites and her YouTube channels are not very appreciated by young audiences.

When asked about the decision to be excluded from the curriculum, Zoella stated that she is now in her 30s and her content represents her age. Moreover, she added that she was never consulted before adding her website and content to the curriculum so, the removal is not something she is concerned about. Moreover, in one of her older videos, she also stated that she has grown older and is not making content for teenage audiences anymore.

Why Is She So Famous?

zoe sugg cooking with child

Zeolla is mainly famous because she is one of the pioneers in YouTube scenes and she is known to be a YouTube royalty in the UK. Although there are so many other YouTubers as well, she has been persistent with her work and has received a lot of praise. Another important thing is that whatever she does is very relatable for the audience.

She started making videos from her bedroom and crafted a niche for other lifestyle bloggers as well. While most people think that her vlogs are ordinary, millions of viewers of her videos prove that people actually like ordinary things and that they can be entertaining. Although she is extremely shy, she was once a presenter and an interviewer as well.

Another very important reason why she is so famous is because she has been very persistent with her work. While other vloggers and YouTubers shifted from YouTube to other channels and websites like Twitch and Instagram, she stayed loyal to her YouTube channels. Even after transforming herself into a brand via her marketing team and website, she is still a small-town YouTubeer.

Another important thing in her vlog is that regardless of her evolution, her core niche is still lifestyle and relationships. As a partner and sibling of a YouTube, she encourages other YouTubers to stay true to her roots.

How Did Zoe Sugg Get So Rich?

zoe sugg with husband

In a booming digital market where almost every celebrity, influencer, and streamer is rich, we see a different kind of wealth when it comes to Zoe. Even her house looks like an old money mansion that is much more homely as compared to other YouTubers.

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While most people say that she is rich because of her YouTube channel, she also owns a lot of other businesses. She is not just a streamer but she is a beauty guru and collaborates with a lot of brands for not just endorsements but also for their merchandise.

As a family woman she has a different approach toward money. She has openly admitted that she invests her money rather than spending it lavishly. Her boyfriend and partner Alfie who is also a YouTube has admitted that he owns several buildings and apartments and receives rent.

Her Achievements as an Author

Zoe Sugg has 6 books under her name.

She started with her first book Girl Online in 2014, which was a big hit. With her work, she encouraged other YouTubers to start writing about their journey as well. She then came up with the second, third, and fourth parts of the book name Girl Online published in 2014, Girl Online: On Tour in 2015, and Girl Online: Going Solo 2016. She has also written other books like Cordially Invited published in 2018, The Magpie Society: One for Sorrow 2020, and The Magpie Society: Two for Joy 2021.

The Makings of a Successful YouTuber

zoe sugg

Becoming a successful YouTuber like Zoë Sugg involves a blend of authenticity, persistence, and evolution. The key is to start with a passion that resonates with a wide audience, much like Zoë did with her lifestyle and beauty content. Authenticity plays a crucial role; viewers are drawn to genuine personalities who share relatable experiences and emotions. Persistence is equally vital; consistent content creation helps build a loyal audience over time, even amidst the ever-changing digital landscape.

Adaptability is another essential trait for a YouTuber’s success. As seen in Zoë’s journey, evolving with your audience while staying true to your core niche allows for growth and sustainability in a competitive market. Engaging with your community, whether through comments or social media, fosters a sense of connection and loyalty among viewers. If you have the internet ( click here to get one) and you like streaming videos, there is a high chance that you can become like her as well.

Moreover, diversifying content and venturing into related areas like writing or entrepreneurship can broaden a YouTuber’s impact and revenue streams. Zoë’s transition from vlogging to authorship and business ventures exemplifies how YouTubers can expand their brand beyond YouTube, demonstrating the multifaceted career paths available in the digital age.

Wrap Up

zoe sugg makeup

Zoe started her career as a YouTuber when she was a teenager and since then she has taken her viewers on a rollercoaster ride from being an entrepreneur to a mother and even an author. She is now known as one of the most famous British YouTubers right now.


How Old Is Zoe?

Zoe is currently 33 years old.

Who Is Zoe Married To?

Zoe is not married yet but she is engaged to her long-term boyfriend Alfie Deyes.

How Many Kids Does Zoe Have?

Zoe has two kids.


Written by Danny Mcclain

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