Avani Gregg – Biography 2022

Quick Facts about Avani Gregg

  • Full Name: Avani Gregg
  • Born on: 23rd November 2002
  • Birth Place: Indiana
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Actress, social media personality, entrepreneur, makeup artist
  • Net worth: $3 Million
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • TikTok:

Early Life and Education

Avani Gregg, the middle child among three girls, was born in Indiana. Her sisters’ names are Shanti and Priya. She has a mixed heritage where her mother is of Indian descent and her father is of African American and Mongolian heritage.

She has a huge number of followers on social media, but her family rarely features in her regular content. Nevertheless, she mentions that her parents, Anisha and Lewis Gregg, are supportive.

Avani began gymnastics at four years and trained all the way to level nine. She quit at that level after a back injury.


This teen star’s rise to the spotlight began at 14 years. With her skills in gymnastics, she created captivating dance moves. Her content grew to lip-sync content and graduated into makeup tutorials.

Her current social media content focuses on beauty and makeup. She borrows a lot from her occupation as a makeup artist.

One of her most popular videos is a 2019 Tiktok makeup video of her looking like a Harley Quinn clown. This video, which gave her the nickname Clown Girl, went viral and earned her about 3 million followers in less than a month.

In 2019, the Shorty Award crowned Avani as the Tiktoker of the Year. This came from her use of makeup skills and content creation skills to create viral videos.

Her Tiktok videos rake in over 1 million views, with some earning as many as 11 million views. With over 30 million Tiktokers following her, Avani is not about to end her influence on Generation Z.

This rising star has also featured in Forbes as one of the Top 30 under 30 in social media. She is a member of The Hype House, an LA-based Tiktok influencers group. This group collaborates in content creation. Some of the other group members are Chase Hudson, Charli D’Amelio, and Daisy Keech.

On her list of achievements, is a successful actress as she plays Gemma in Season 6 of Chicken Girls, a television show. The teen star also runs an online shop that sells sweatpants to hoodies, shorts, and makeup bags.

Personal Life

Avani is in a relationship with Anthony Reeves of Sway House. It is not a surprise to her fans as Anthony had alluded to this fact. Making their relationship public also rested rumors that Avani was dating Payton Moormeier.

Avani and Anthony’s relationship ideally puts two Tiktok collaboration houses against each other. Fortunately, since the first pictures they uploaded as a couple, there has been no evidence of Tiktok rivalry. Fans only see the blossoming romance of two social media personalities.

In conclusion, Avani is an influential social media personality who has injected a new style into the way makeup videos look. She has impressively grown her following by bringing clowning into professional makeup tutorials.

Avani Gregg Car Collection

Avani Gregg purchased several high-end vehicles with the money she made from Instagram and TikTok. Gregg recently paid $370,000 USD for a brand-new Mercedes-Benz G-Class.

Avani also has a BMW X6 with a US$60,000 market value. The list of further vehicles in Avani Gregg’s collection is provided below.

  • Tesla Model
  • Y Range Rover
  • Velar Audi Q2

Written by Husein Gradasevic

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