Diletta Leotta

Quick Facts about Diletta Leotta

  • Full name: Giulia Diletta Leotta
  • Birthday: 16th August 1991
  • Place of Birth: Catania, Italy
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Nationality: Italian
  • Occupation: Journalist, TV presenter, model, and social media personality
  • Net worth: $2 Million
  • Spouse: Unknown

Diletta is a journalist who received international attention when she aired the weather forecast on Sky 24. This position led to another opportunity in Sky 24 when she became a sports reporter. She stands out on any sports bulletin because she reports from a soccer pitch dressed up in stylish outfits with her face made up like a model.

Diletta’s Background

She was born in Italy’s Sicily region, and she got her first job as a presenter at Antenna Sicilia when she was 14 years old. About four years later, in 2009, she got another role as a presenter, this time working on a sports show. However, instead of pursuing further studies in a course related to journalism or the media, she graduated with a law degree from Luiss University in 2015.
She was a host at the Miss Italia contest in 2018, and in 2020, she was a presenter at the Sanremo Music Festival.

Her Other Interests

She also took acting lessons, and her debut role was in a film called Lost Kisses in 2009. In 2011, during the Miss Italy contest, she was crowned Miss Elegant.

Height and weight

Diletta Leottais height 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall and weighs 63 kg.
The stunning presenter, likewise, has amazing, lush blonde hair and captivating hazel eyes.

Her Personal Life

Rumors link her to Can Yaman because allegedly, the two spent five days together in a hotel in Rome. In the past, she dated Daniele Scardina just after breaking up with her fiancé, Matteo Mammi, in 2019.

In conclusion, Diletta started her professional career covering the weather report and became known as a weather girl, and eventually climbed the ladder to becoming a presenter in Serie A news on DAZN.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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