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Doug Marcaida – Biography 2022

  • Full name: Doug Marcaida
  • Net Worth:  $300,000.
  • Occupation: Edged Impact Weapon Expert, Forged in Fire Judge, Kuya, and Marcaida Kali Martial art Creator
  • Birthday:  Undisclosed
  • Birthplace: USA
  • Birth Sign: Undisclosed
  • Marital status: Undisclosed
  • Kids: 3 Sons

Why is Doug Marcaida famous

He is most famous for his role as a judge on the History Channel show “Forged in Fire.” He is also gaining popularity for his interpretation of the Southeast style of martial arts. He gathered everything he knew about martial arts and evolved his own style as Marcaida Kali.

Early life

Although Philipino by origin, he is an American national and lives in New York.

Doug showed interest in martial arts as a child but started practicing when he was 16. At 25, he found his passion for Filipino Martial Arts. For 8 years, Doug was in the service of the US Air Force. For most of his life, he worked as a Respiratory Therapist and a martial arts trainer.

Doug taught Marcaida Kali classes all over the world. His style of martial arts changed the student`s goal from hurting people to protecting them.

“Forged in fire”

Doug Marcaida is a very charismatic judge on the show “Forged in Fire.”

Weapons made by the contestants are put to the ‘KEAL’ tests to determine their effectiveness.

Started as ‘It will kill,’ his famous catchphrase morphed for the family-oriented show into ‘KEAL,’ meaning ‘Keep Everyone Alive.’

Other Work and Projects

Doug is the maker of some of the deadliest weapons in the world. Being a big fan of the brand, he worked with 5.11 Tactical as a knife designer and brand ambassador. He also collaborated on designs with many others, like Bastinelli Creations, Fox Knives, Jason Knight Knives, and KBar Knives.

Some of his weapons were even used in movies; Blade, the Bourne series, and 300 made use of his talent.

Marcaida became a US military contractor in order to teach them about weapon awareness, also sharing his knowledge with law enforcement and security organizations.

As a martial arts trainer, he holds classes around the world. His students are reminded to have very high standards and respect in class and outside of it. Life is to be protected. He runs 3 schools in New York and one in Romania.

Net worth

The salary from “Forged in Fire” brought Doug Marcaida most of his fortune. Social media and merchandise contribute to his prosperity. Also, his classes and seminars around the world gather thousands of people. Marcaida has properties in New York and Romania.

Personal life

Doug has 3 kids. He occasionally mentions his kids and wife. His personal life is kept very private.

He is active on social media, often making videos about his work.

Doug gets hurt on Forged in Fire

After using a less-than-perfect knife against a dummy while filming Forged in Fire Season 4, Doug had an accident. “One of our tests left me hurt.”

Body Measurement

With a height of 5 feet 8 inches and a weight of 85 kg, Doug Marcaida is a tall man. In addition, he hasn’t revealed his waist, hips, or other bodily dimensions, such as his chest size. Doug, though, has stunning brown eyes and brown hair.

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Written by Danail Donchev

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