Kio Cyr

General Facts and Figures

  • Full Name: Kio Cyr
  • Occupation: TikTok Star
  • Born: 5th September 2000
  • Place Born: Vancouver, Canada
  • Birth Sign: Virgo
  • Relationship Status: Dating

Who is Kio Cyr?

Kio Cyr is a French-Canadian Internet star popularly known for his entertaining TikTok videos. Kio is known to share a variety of content on his TikTok, including challenge videos, transition videos, and lip-syncs. He is a member of a group of TikTok stars who refer to themselves as the Sway House.

Early Life and Family

Kio was born and raised in British Columbia in the city of Vancouver, Canada. He was born to a French-Canadian father and a Thai mother on September 5, 2000. The TikTok star has a good relationship with his parents, but he has not disclosed much about them.


Kio went to Olympia High School, and his first video on TikTok was of his high school graduation. He has not made any plans to go to college yet, and is more focused on making content for social media at the moment.

Rise to Fame

Kio rose to fame courtesy of TikTok with the first video of him dancing as he celebrated his high school graduation. This video went viral, making him famous on the platform.


Kio has a great sense of humor, which endears him to many people. He shares several funny and entertaining videos on TikTok. His fans love his lip-sync videos not to mention the wildly entertaining transition videos. Kio is quick to jump into trending challenges, which have continued to make him relevant.

Kio is managed by Talent X, one of the talent management companies helping young people build a profitable social media career.

Kio has a big following on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, which allows him to monetize his content through ads or sponsorships. The amount of money that Kio makes from social media is a closely guarded secret, but it is clear that he makes a decent amount from the lifestyle he lives.

Social Media

Kio has a massive audience on TikTok with 8.7 million followers. His account has garnered over 374.5 million likes since he joined the platform. His YouTube has over 400K subscribers, and he has made a few videos alone and with other content creators. His Instagram account boasts 2.6 million followers.

Personal Life

Kio Cyr is dating Olivia Poton, who is also an Internet star. The couple recently confirmed that they are dating, and everyone has been admiring them on social media. Kio`s life is centered around his social media, and his friends are mainly content creators. He is a member of the Sway House, and together they make a lot of content for social media. Kio lives in Los Angeles, California.

Kio has a likable personality with a great sense of humor, making it easier for people to connect with him. He also has excellent dance moves, which his fans love to watch.