Paige Wyatt – Biography 2019

Paige Wyatt – Biography 2019

  • Full name: Paige Wyatt
  • Net Worth: $1 MIllion
  • Occupation: TV actress
  • Birthday: October 30, 1994
  • Birthplace: Wheat Ridge, Colorado, United States
  • Birth Sign: Scorpio
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Instagram: @paige_wyatt10
  • Facebook: NA
  • Twitter: NA
  • YoutTube: NA

Known for the reality show, American Guns, that is based on the Wyatts and their gun store business, Paige Wyatt is an American model and an upcoming TV actress. Let’s take a closer look at her early life, childhood, career, her net worth and her personal life and relationships.

Early Life and Childhood

Paige Wyatt was born in Colorado in the United States on October 30, 1994. Paige was born to her mother Renee Wyatt from her first relationship. Renee then married Rich Wyatt and has two kids with him, Brooke and Ginger Wyatt. Renee also had another son, Kurt, from her first partner. So Paige grew up with her step-father Rich and her sibling and step-siblings. 

Paige’s step-father, Rich Wyatt, owned a gun store in Colorado known as Gunsmoke Guns, being a recognized gunsmith himself. The store was the main theme and the setting for the popular American reality show American Guns that featured the Wyatt family including Rich, Renee, Paige and Kurt Wyatt. Rich Wyatt was the CEO of the store while Paige’s mother Renee worked as a business manager at Gunsmoke Guns. Her brother, Kurt Wyatt, trained as a firearms instructor so that he could enter his step-father’s business.

Paige, too, was a part of the Gunsmoke Guns and helped her step-father in running the store. The gun-selling business was on the upward trend and Gunsmoke Guns was a popular gun store until Rich Wyatt was involved in a controversy and the store’s firearms license was taken away. This happened in April 2012, however, the sales continued from the store illegally. They used to book the sales at Gunsmoke and then ask the customers to write their checks at another store. The firearms business of the Wyatt family was finally shut when Rich Wyatt was convicted of tax evasion and illegal trading of firearms. He was given a prison sentence of six and a half years in 2017.

Paige Wyatt’s Career

The show through which Paige Wyatt shot to fame was the reality show American Guns that aired on Discovery Channel. The show featured her step-father, Rich Wyatt’s gun store. While Paige was never directly involved in the main manufacturing on guns, she functioned as the point of contact for all sales. She was also the main contact for all external vendors which included painters and cobblers. 

Paige has her own gun collection and became a gun enthusiast at an early age. When the store was selected to be a part of the reality series by Discovery, Paige was also in the team that handled the store’s operations and she became a household name when the show aired and quickly gained massive popularity with over a million viewers. Paige appeared in multiple episodes of the series, including Avalanche Gun/AR10 Grenade Launcher, Winchester Yellow Boy/Firefighter Thank You, Hell’s Angels Luger/D-Day M1 and Volleygun/Civil War Trade to name a few.

Once the show was taken off air after her step-father Rich Wyatt lost the firearms license for the store, Paige was also left hanging. However, the show served two seasons and with the second season being a bigger hut than the first, Paige’s fame and popularity grew immensely. She capitalized on that and aimed to become a part of Hollywood and is currently a minor Hollywood celebrity and a model as well. 

Paige, gaining the entrepreneurial spirit from her step-father, also owns her own clothing line wherein she sells women’s and men’s t-shirts. She runs this clothing line through a company named Hugheswear. Paige also owns a website named everythingwyatt.com through which she sells customized Wyatt merchandise. She also sells autographed pictures and clothes through her website. 

Paige also appeared on the Discovery show Son of Guns in which she efficiently demonstrated her comfort and ability at dealing with guns. 

Paige Wyatt: Personal Life, Dating and Marriage

Paige almost disappeared from the mainstream media after the show American Guns got shut down by Discovery so much so that there were even speculations whether she was still alive. However, Paige Wyatt is alive and is successfully running her clothing line and is also a model and a budding actress.

Paige hasn’t married till now but she has been dating Pete Hargis for a long time now. The two started going out in March 2016 and have been together ever since. Pete Hargis is the owner of the A2Z Sports Training and Paige met him at the OMNIA nightclub in Vegas. While Paige was in Boston then, the couple connected virtually and soon became a couple. Pete also proposed to Paige in 2018 in Vancouver and Paige officially accepted his proposal. Prior to Pete, though, there have been no reports of Paige dating anyone or being involved romantically. Pete and Paige haven’t announced yet when and where they’ll get married, only having announced their engagement through a social media post by Paige posting the picture of her ring. 

Paige is also extremely fond of animals and is the proud owner of a dog named Malibu. Apart from that, Paige is very close to Rich Wyatt, her step-father, and has taken most of her interest in guns from him. She is focusing on her studies as well as her modeling career at the moment.

Paige Wyatt’s Net Worth

While her step-father, Rich Wyatt, was reported to be worth over $10 million. Paige, too, is slowly amassing a fortune and has already earned quite a bit through her role in the famous reality show American Guns. Her clothing line with Hughwear is also highly successful along with her earnings from her website everythingwyatt.com. Currently, this popular American model and actress is estimated to be worth about $1 million and is only expected to increase her worth with her modeling stints and her hard work by becoming a well-known TV and Hollywood personality.

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