Preston Roberts – Biography 2022

Quick Facts

  • Full Name: Preston James Roberts
  • Net worth: $2.5 Million
  • Date of birth: June 17, 1957-July 24, 2017
  • Country of origin: USA
  • Sources of wealth: Teacher, Journalist, Presenter
  • Birthplace: Westfield, New Jersey
  • Birth sign: Cancer

Some people are familiar with Preston Roberts, and other people don’t know him at all. Preston Roberts was a former cast member of the History Channel reality series “Mountain Men.” The story of this great man’s life is about to be told.

Childhood and Education

He was born Preston James Roberts on July 17, 1957, in Westfield, New Jersey, but spent most of his childhood in the sleepy community of Brevard, North Carolina.

He took his initial steps into the Pisgah National Forest at a young age because he had a natural curiosity.

Preston attended Atlantic Christian College after graduating from high school before enrolling at Appalachian State University to earn a degree in art education. He met Eustace Conway there, and the two of them set out on a lifetime journey.

Preston Roberts and his Role on Mountain Men

Preston Roberts was a leading cast member on the reality show “Mountain Men.” This show aired on the History Channel from 2012 until the present. Roberts appeared on the show from the time it debuted until season six.

Cancer claimed Preston’s life during the 6th season. Once he died, his co-host and best friend continued to work on the show in honor of his life.

Mountain Men showcased the lives of men who live close to nature instead of modern comforts and advanced technology.

How did Preston Roberts live his life?

Preston Roberts was considered a simple man. He was a teacher for 35 years, a Native American performer, and he liked to ride horses.

Living off nature was another part of Robert’s life. Learning and acquiring knowledge was also important for this astute guy. He constantly worked hard to improve himself.

Roberts had a best friend named Eustace Conway, whom he met many years ago. These two men were like brothers. They were adventurous nature men who rode horses across Northern and Southern Carolina. Roberts had a passion for life, and he really enjoyed helping others.

Preston had a Family that he Loved Very Much

Preston had a family that he cared about deeply. He was married for 40 years. Together with his wife, they had 3 children; all of them were boys. Their names were Travis Lee Roberts, Joseph James Roberts, and James Preston Roberts.

Preston also had four grandchildren: Tanner Lee Roberts, Maddox James Roberts, Easton Gray Roberts, and Linley Somer Roberts.Preston and his family lived in a log cabin in the country. Though they had their problems (like all married couples), the couple never divorced.

That type of stability helped Preston pursue other areas of life that benefited his family as well as himself.

Net Worth

Preston gained a lot of notoriety and significantly increased his riches. Have you ever wondered how wealthy Preston Roberts was when he passed away? Preston’s net worth has reportedly been estimated to be as much as $2.5 million, which is an astounding sum.

How did Preston Roberts die?

Preston Roberts died of liver cancer. Once it was discovered that he had cancer, it was too late to get rid of it. As a result, he passed on July 24, 2017. Family and a few close friends surrounded Preston during the last moments of his life. His family was extremely saddened by his passing.

Fans of the “Mountain Men” show were also sorry about his death. Still, Eustice continued with the show. Preston’s best friend wanted to make sure that his life would never be forgotten.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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