Suzanne Whiston – Biography 2022

  • Full name: Suzanne Whiston
  • Net Worth: $2 Мillion
  • Occupation: TV Journalist, producer of BBC’s “Match of the Day.”
  • Birthday: April 21, 1968
  • Birthplace: England
  • Birth Sign: Taurus
  • Marital status: In a relationship with Karl Pilkington

Who is Suzanne Whiston? People in the USA might not be particularly familiar with this name, especially if they don’t follow professional soccer.

However, it’s likely that virtually anyone in the United Kingdom knows who she is, as she has been involved with the BBC as a television sports journalist for some time now. If you want to learn more about her, all you have to do is keep reading.

Early Life

Whiston was born in England in 1968. She’s very careful about revealing personal information, and she doesn’t maintain any social media accounts. In reality, she doesn’t even like to have her picture posted online (go ahead, try to find one).

As such, there isn’t a lot of information known about either her early life or her personal life away from her career. What is known is that she has a tendency to be somewhat shy, and most people consider her a bookworm.

She didn’t seem to be particularly interested in sports growing up, but she has seemingly developed a love for soccer over the years. As such, she has become one of the foremost authorities on soccer through her role as a television journalist.


Her career began in the 1990s when she was hired as a producer at Key 103 radio in Manchester. Her job was to work on the sports stories, mainly those involving soccer.

She clearly did her job well, as she attracted the attention of hiring managers at the BBC. Eventually, they hired her to cover soccer matches, and in 2006, she was sent to Germany to cover the World Cup.

As previously mentioned, she is now a producer on their popular program, Match of the Day. She has since also started her own production company called Albrite Productions.

To date, that company has only produced one animated film that was placed on YouTube. However, it appears that she is slowly moving forward with this company while simultaneously continuing her career at the BBC.


Whiston seems to be all about long-term relationships. In fact, she has had a relationship with comic and TV presenter Karl Pilkington for the last 25 years. The two actually met at her place of work. He was trying to buy cocoa from a vending machine and couldn’t because of the lack of change in his pocket. She ended up buying him the cocoa, and in return for the favor, he helped her with some editing projects.

The two became fast friends and have been in a committed relationship with one another ever since. While they’re not legally married, they do refer to each other as husband and wife and have been in a relationship for a quarter of a century.

Net Worth

It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that Whiston has managed to acquire a rather impressive net worth of approximately two million dollars during the time that she has been working for the BBC. This just goes to show that through hard work and perseverance, it is possible to achieve great things. Whiston has done exactly that, and there is every indication that she will continue to do so in the future.

What is Suzanne Whiston’s Body Stats?

Suzanne weighs around 57 kilograms and is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has medium blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. Whiston’s precise physical dimensions and clothing size are unfortunately unavailable. But we’ll update this part as soon as we can.

Social Media

Since Suzanne Whiston detests social networking sites, she solely uses Twitter, where she doesn’t post much. The most recent post was made on her official page in 2013, with a little over 3,000 followers. However, if you still want to become a fan, there is a fantastic chance for you to become so. All you need to do is visit her official page. She uses neither Facebook nor Instagram.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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