Aaron Kaufman – Bio, Age, Net Worth

Aaron Kaufman – Bio, Age, Net Worth

  • Full name: Aaron Kaufman
  • Net Worth: $6 million
  • Occupation: Mechanic, fabricator, actor, entrepreneur
  • Birthday: January 26, 1982
  • Birthplace: Crowley, Texas, USA
  • Birth Sign: Aquarius
  • Marital status: Unmarried


  • Aaron Kaufman is a dedicated and self-taught individual who acquired his skills without stepping in an engineering class or car-related field
  • He has never married. However, he has been in relationships with different women
  • He has a girlfriend by the name Lauren Moore and they look so happy together that they share their good moments on Instagram
  • If given a chance to choose two cars, his priority would be ’32 Roadster and AC COBRA


The name Aaron Kaufman is not new among car enthusiasts. Kaufman is a mechanic, a television personality and a famous member of the Gas Monkey Garage team. Currently, he appears on Discovery Channel presenting his own show ‘Shifting Gears’. Besides being an all-round hot rodder, he’s also a self-taught fabricator. But honestly, he is well known for what he is doing now. What about his early life, education, career, and personal life? You could be having so many questions about Aaron Kaufman but there’s nothing to worry as we will help you to know more about him.

Who is Aaron Kaufman?

Aaron Kaufman is a tall, handsome, and heavily bearded American TV personality and self-taught fabricator and mechanic who became famous with his participation in the reality show ‘Fast N’ Loud. In 2017, Kaufman decided to leave the show in an urge to pursue new challenges. Even though he left his fans heartbroken, he was pleased with his decision quoting that his profession was contradicting with his personal preferences.

Due to the love he had for his fans, he satisfied their curiosity by talking about his interest to build Ford F-100 trucks as his next venture. He said that he loved the look and the power of these trucks and wanted to present the world with something different and unique. All that Kaufman was looking forward to was to build cars at his own pace and he founded Arclight Fabrication Company to get his new interest kicking. When Kaufman decided to quit Gas Monkey Garage, his buddy Richard Rawlings was heartbroken but understood his decision to face new challenges. And given that they didn’t hold grudges against each other, Gas Monkey showed the love they had for Kaufman by writing about his new venture on their blog.

Early life

Multitalented Aaron Kaufman was born on January 26th, 1982 in Crowley, Texas. He hails from North America with an American nationality. Since childhood, Kaufman wanted to face new challenges and was willing to go above and beyond to tear things apart and build them back in his own preferences. It is interesting to know that when children of his age were playing with toys, Kaufman was concentrating on other objects to disorient them and rebuild something better and more pleasing. As he grew older, he couldn’t hide his unending love for cars which eventually introduced him to the hot rod world.

Kaufman understood what he wanted to do in life and because there was no one to teach him, it was his curiosity that helped him to learn how to repair and fabricate things all by himself. He knew that mistakes were part of the learning process and therefore, he used trial and error technique to sharpen his skills. During his developing years, Kaufman became a proficient mechanic, fabricator, and a hot rodder. He always wanted to be better at what he was doing and he became one of the most efficient persons in his line of work. Even though there isn’t much information about his education, authoritative sources state that he completed his high school from Crowley, Texas.

Professional career

Kaufman put his skills into practice in a local garage, the same place that his success story begins. He participated once in a competition about motorcycle build-off at Orange County Choppers and finished second. He was devoted to his work and in his line of duty, a lucky star fell on him when an entrepreneur Richard Rawlings discovered him. Rawlings visited the garage that Kaufman was working in and requested the garage owner to recommend the best mechanic to run his ’53 Ford Mainline. Kaufman was the best guy and Rawlings was impressed with his performance.

Rawlings was looking for nothing in life but success. Therefore, when he wanted to start a new venture, he recalled Kaufman’s passion and dedication and decided to cast him. The duo developed a strong working relationship and gave birth to the idea for Gas Monkey Garage which they later took to reality television as Fast N’ Loud. Indeed, the show became a life-changing moment for the two and they were happy doing something they loved.

The program premiered on 6th June 2012 on Discovery Channel and featured Rawlings and Kaufman as Gas Monkey garage proprietors. Interestingly, the show took place in Kaufman’s home state Texas and he was pleased as he didn’t have a reason to move out of the place he loved since childhood. The series increased Kaufman’s net worth and popularity and worked alongside Rawlings to search abandoned and unattractive cars that they could redesign and rebuild to make them attractive to people once again. Before quitting Fast N’ Loud, Kaufman had worked on different cars that drew the public’s attention, such as ’58 Corvette C1, ’67 Corvette Stingray, ’69 Chevrolet Camaro, ’68 Mustang GT350 and ’38 Ford among others.


Kaufman is one of the most prominent mechanics, not only in Texas but also in the United States. He is passionate about his work and ensures that every part is making sense and fits right in. In 2015, Special Event Magazine organized an event and they couldn’t help but notice Kaufman’s skills and gave him a reward of ‘Top 25 Young Event Professionals’. Also, Toronto chapter of International Special Events Society discovered his skills and dedication and recognized him as its president.

Total net worth and earnings

Aaron Kaufman is a popular name in the world of mechanics. Interestingly, this entrepreneur and TV star is highly motivated and dedicated to his career. It is not clear how much he earned from Fast N’ Loud, but it is estimated that he received $50,000 per episode which is quite impressive. With an estimated net worth of $6 million, Kaufman is not an ordinary mechanic.

He has accumulated his wealth over the years and these figures are likely to rise due to his new venture. He sells merchandise such as hats, F-100 parts, stickers and T-shirts on his company websites which is likely to give him a fortune. Most importantly, with a new TV show with Discovery Channel, his net worth is likely to double or triple. According to some sources, Kaufman is popular on Instagram with more than 782 K followers and can attract $500-$7000k a sponsored post.

Personal life, wife, and affair

We know so much about Kaufman’s career but little about his personal life. He likes keeping his personal life a secret but people have their own ways of digging out information they need about their favorite star. First things first, Kaufman has never married. He was in a relationship with Lindsay J. but they broke up after dating for nearly three and a half years.

Since 2013, Kaufman has been in a relationship with Lauren Moore and they look so good together. On August 11, 2016, they made a red carpet together and have been going out and sharing their moments on social media. They are currently living in Texas with their two lovable dogs. They share a great attachment for pets especially dogs and are not afraid to show the world how adorable their dogs are by posting their pictures on Instagram.

Body measurements

Kaufman weighs 65kg with an estimated height of five feet nine inches. Most importantly, he is distinguished with his brown eyes and brown hair.

Why did Kaufman quit Gas Monkey Garage?

Rawlings started Gas Monkey Garage and to make it complete and successful, he brought in Kaufman’s expertise. Both became unstoppable and moved to greater heights that none of them could reach on their own. In fact, the combination of Kaufman, a master of fabrication and mechanics and Rawlings, a talented entrepreneur meant one thing; SUCCESS. Their potential was spotted by Discovery Channel and were featured in TV series Fast N’ Loud. It was very unfortunate for the fans as Kaufman left the show in January 2017.

But why did he quit Gas Monkey Garage? Well, since childhood, Kaufman was interested in doing what he loved at his own pace. But, he admitted he was working under pressure to rebuild cars in the show. In normal shops, a car would take 8-12 months to complete and six weeks only in the Gas Monkey Garage. At first, his new challenge was interesting but due to his ability to pay close attention to every detail, he realized that the time given was not enough. Besides, he wanted to try new challenges but his tight schedule prevented him from exploring what the world outside work had for him.

In addition, he said that his workplace presented him with different professional opinions and that whereas he always wanted to build big cars, TV only wanted small ones and he couldn’t deal with such conflicts of interest. Kaufman was reluctant to go back to television although it looks like he cannot walk away from his destiny. Currently, he runs his own shows ‘Shifting Gears’ and ‘Aaron Needs A Job’ both on Discovery Channel’s network.

Things we don’t know about Aaron Kaufman

We may have learned a lot from Kaufman’s biography. However, there are so many things you don’t know yet about him so keep scrolling to learn more.

1. His father’s passion for cars

Since childhood, Kaufman had an unending love for cars and it’s no surprise because his father was passionate about cars as well. Kaufman learned the skills to work on and modify cars from his dad who was a mechanic. Unfortunately, he never enjoyed the luxury to toy around with an extra family car but passion drove him to learn one or two things about cars. Whatever he learned as a child gave him the mechanical skills that later became his bread and butter.

2. How he acquired skills

It is natural for someone dealing with machines to have acquired formal education. However, Aaron Kaufman was exceptional as he never went to school to be a mechanic. He appreciated everything around him and always wanted to tear things apart and bring them back together with a better shape. He actively participated in modifying his friends’ cars and eventually mastered the skills that became an admiration to many people across the world.

3. His first customized car

As a small boy, Kaufman knew that he wanted to make a difference in the world of automobiles. With no technical knowledge or a project car from his family, it was likely for his dream to crash but that was not the case. Kaufman always wanted to have a dream car and through hard work and dedication, he modified his first car Jeep Cherokee when he was only 16 years old.

4. Original dream job

We have been talking about how Kaufman had a passion for cars since childhood. But, you will be surprised to know that it was not his dream career. His original dream job was to become a park ranger; to be close to wildlife and enjoy off-roading with a truck. This means that even though he did so well as a mechanic, it was not in his mind.

5. Traveling across the country

Kaufman had a good working relationship with Rawlings in the Gas Monkey Garage. One thing that he enjoyed so much was the trips they took across the country as they would go from one town to another to have a great time. It was Rawlings who drove in the morning and then Kaufman took over from 2 pm. Driving in shifts created a balance and prevented them from fatigue, and they created wonderful memories they will keep for a lifetime.

6. His best mechanic

When Kaufman went to high school in Texas, he met a like-minded person and they both developed an unbreakable bond. They went to high school together but decided to drop out and start their own business on mechanical work. Their friendship blossomed and they both worked at the Gas Monkey Garage and Arclight.

7. The first season of Fast N’ Loud

Just like anybody else, Kaufman was super excited to take part in a TV series. With so many expectations, he thought he would spend his entire life on TV show showcasing things that were never done before and above all, attractive to the audience. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn according to his expectations as he was forced to work excessively. He was expected to build 12 cars in 24 weeks and in most cases, he worked for as many as 110 hours a week. Instead of finding happiness in his work, Kaufman faced pressure that he couldn’t bear and he eventually decided to quit and look for greener pastures where he could work at his pace.

8. From surgery to filming

Kaufman has been a hardworking person since childhood. After splitting from ‘Fast N’ Loud’, he started his own show ‘Shifting Gears’ and also became a boss of his shop. His fans saw him smiling every day like he had no problems to deal with. However, he once admitted that he had emergency surgery and instead of taking care of his health, he went back to filming three days after.

9. Plans to return to TV

When Kaufman left Fast N’ Loud, he wanted to disconnect himself from the public eye and concentrate on his personal life. After opening his shop, he was invited for a dinner by one of the Discovery executives who convinced him not to quit TV and instead stay on for his own show. After a 6-hour conversation, Kaufman’s perception changed and he decided to return to the TV screen as a producer and a star and showcase more than cars and builds.

10. The pressure of being a boss

Aaron Kaufman wanted to be his own boss to avoid pressures that his previous work demanded. He opened up a shop and it never crossed his mind that he could find himself under pressure. Against his expectations, he found out that his shop and the new show were affecting his relationship and that’s when he realized how hard it could be to be a shop owner and a producer. Luckily, he was always motivated to create a successful show for every episode and run his business wisely.

11. His plan for Arclight

After working on different sectors, Kaufman had learned that life is not always a bed of roses and without determination and hard work, success might be impossible. With that in mind, he started a shop with a plan in mind. The goal of Arclight Fabrication was to focus on Ford F-100 and the F-Series and provide wheels, restoration parts, and conversion parts customized to the line of trucks.

12. Kaufman’s vision

Kaufman is a down to earth person who doesn’t have to drive flashy cars or dress in a specific way to be successful. Besides, he likes distinguishing himself from the crowd by doing things differently. That way, he created Arclight Fabrication and Shifting Gears to have something different from Fast N’ Loud. His vision was to create a show that establishes the sense of passion for his desired cars. In addition, he wanted to focus on restoring parts for Ford F-100 trucks, a service that no other builder committed to.

13. Humble beginnings

Before Fast N’ Loud and Gas Monkey Garage, Kaufman was passionate about building things. At a tender age, he was ready to get his hands dirty by doing builds for his friends in the driveway and modifying his Jeep Cherokee. He was an A-student in high school as well as college and even though he didn’t graduate, he followed his dream to become who he is today.

14. Early career

As a teenager, it never crossed his mind that he could be a TV star. In fact, he started working as a mobile mechanic for exposure and experience. He worked closely with Rawlings at the Gas Monkey Garage and together built an empire that attracted both fame and wealth. He thought that his entire life would revolve around a garage but as fate would have it, he found himself on TV screens.

15. A true car guy

Aaron Kaufman is not a builder who would get satisfaction on a single style of car. Instead, he is someone who’s willing to stretch his skills as a mechanic and a fabricator to build something that’s unique. For that reason, he is a mechanic on his own level and will never rest until he builds a car that meets his specifications. Besides, he believes that making something good is time-consuming, hence pays attention to every detail to build beautiful cars at his own pace.

16. The future of Shifting Gears

Kaufman has found success on different avenues through hard work. As he hopes to be even more successful, he must keep focus to take his current TV show famously known as Shifting Gears to another level. His show specializes in cars and not personalities and to make it even more interesting, every build comprises different episodes with something unique. Indeed, Kaufman wants to accommodate the needs of different people and keep the show fresh. Therefore, it won’t be surprising to see racing on a road course or ATV’s on the trails.


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