Chip Hailstone – Biography 2022

  • Full name: Edward V Hailstone
  • Net Worth: $100,000
  • Occupation: TV Personality from the “Life Below Zero” series, Hunter
  • Birthday: March 5th, 1969
  • Birthplace: Kalispell, Montana
  • Birth Sign: Pisces
  • Marital status: Married to native Alaskan Eskimo Agnes
  • Children: He has 5 daughters – Tinmiaq, Mary, Iriqtaq, Qutan, and Caroline, and grandchildren
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Early Life

Fans of the popular television show “Life Below Zero” would know quite well who Chip Hailstone is. Born under the name Edward V. Hailstone on March 5th, 1969, Chip has lived his life authentically, following his passion for the outdoors with jest. Growing up, Chip spent plenty of time hunting, fishing, and exploring the outdoors.

He was born in Kalispell, Montana, giving him the vastness of the west to explore and appreciate. His parents, Daniel and Mary Hailstone, are credited with giving the young Chip his love for the outdoors and outdoor sports. From a young age, they taught Chip about survival in the outdoors, instilling lifelong skills and passion.

Life Before Fame

It wouldn’t be until Chip was 19 years old that he first stepped foot in Alaska. The young man was meant just to visit but fell in love with the state far too much to leave. Chip settled in the small town of Noorvik, which is situated by the Kobuk River. This town has a population of only around 700 people.

Chip began to barter with locals, making a living off hunting bears, seals, and walruses. His hunting and fishing endeavors were not only his way of life but his source of income. It was in this small town where he met his wife, Agnes.

Agnes is an Alaskan Eskimo Native, and a member of the Inupiat Tribe. While Agnes is 3 years younger than Chip, the two have remained married, having five children together.

Life Below Zero

Chip has made his living off of his outdoor skills. Hailstone and his family became reality stars when the BBC approached them about starring in a “Life Below Zero” documentary.

The documentary would feature people and families who survive in extreme temperatures. The documentary quickly became the TV series of the same name, which is produced by the BBC but airs worldwide via the National Geographic Channel.

Chip Hailstone and his wife Agnes continue to live and love in extreme temperatures. Their daily lives have been documented in popular television shows.Agnes remains an official tribal member, though Chip cannot join, and is still seen as a foreigner, barring him from hunting marine life in the area.

Chip has kept up his extreme way of life, and while he has taught his children useful skills, he has also made sure they have a good education.

“Life Below Zero” is a very successful, award-winning program, with many fans favoring Chip and his wife, Agnes. This is despite Chip’s 2017 arrest, which netted him a prison sentence of 15 months, followed by 3 months of probation.

Reports suggest that Chip was charged with 2 counts of perjury and a single count of providing false information after an altercation between an Alaskan State Trooper and Chip’s 17-year-old daughter.

While Chip served his sentence, his family continued to participate in the television program, with his wife commenting that it was hard to survive without him. Chip has since returned to the popular television series, which has now run for 15 consecutive seasons, and he continues to appeal his probation.

What Does Chip  Make Per Episode

According to reports, the Life Below Zero cast as a whole receives $4,500 for each episode. This includes Chip and Agnes Hailstone, and Jessie Holmes.

His brother

The program revealed that the character has a younger brother, Willie. Willie, a commercial fisherman, debuted in season 15.

What happened to Chip’s Brother?

The brothers fished after 25 years. They went out in -31 degree weather. Chip, Agnes, and Willie rode snowmobiles, and everything was going as planned until Agnes saw that Willie was gone. The couple returned to find Willie screaming on a sled. A snowmobiling accident fractured his wrist.


Written by Husein Gradasevic