Daniela Rajic – Biography 2022

General Facts and Figures

  • Full name: Daniela Rajic
  • Net Worth: $20 million
  • Occupation: Dancer, stripper, model
  • Birthday: November 12, 1990
  • Birthplace: Queens, New York
  • Birth Sign: Scorpio
  • Marital status: Married to Paul George from the 2022 year
  • Social: Instagram

She is Daniela Rajic and she is co-owner of the swimsuit brand Nude Swim. This beautiful Serbian woman is the girlfriend of Paul George of the Oklahoma City Thunder. Daniela and Paul are not married but she still is considered a well-known NBA “wife”. Let’s take a look at the life of Daniele Rajic to find out why she is a popular and successful woman.

The Early Days of Daniela’s Life

Daniela was born in Queens, New York. She has one sibling (a sister) and little information has been released about her parents. People who know Daniela are aware of her Serbian ancestry. She appears to also have an African American heritage, but she does not.

Miami University is where she received a college degree. During her time at Miami, she stripped to help cover her tuition. The club where she was stripped is known as Tootsies. She was a featured stripper at the club.

When Paul George Met Daniela

The year 2013 was the year that Daniela and Paul met. Paul had seen Daniela at Tootsies. They had some tough times, but the couple ended up having a child in 2014. The couple share three children – Olivia, Natasha, and Paul, who was born in October 2021. The couple continued their relationship and eventually had a second child named Natasha.


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About Nude Swim

Nude Swim is a swimsuit clothing line started by Daniela and her partner Sarah Nassar in 2019. Ms. Nassar is in a relationship with Patrick Patterson. Patrick is another player on Oklahoma’s lineup. Nude Swim was created by both women. This brand of swimsuit wear features different collections of swimsuit outfits.

Daniela and Sarah both showed off their business skills, entrepreneurial spirit, and marketing acumen through this enterprise. Daniela and Sarah decided to model the swimsuits. Their business is enjoying success. Currently, they have over 10,000 supporters and their customer base continues to grow.

Daniela’s Modeling and Social Media Presence

Daniela is also a social media personality. She has an Instagram account that features her and her family. Daniela shows off her family and she also shows off her swimsuit line as well. Daniela loves her family, and it shows.

She also has other social media accounts. Her modeling career is going well. She has done some photo shoots and has appeared in some publications. Daniela no longer strips. This talented young woman continues to use her mind and business knowledge to develop her career and find success in life.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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