Ryan Trahan

General Facts and Figures

  • Full Name: Ryan Trahan
  • Occupation: YouTuber, Athlete
  • Net worth: $5 Million
  • Born: 7th October 1998
  • Place Born: Eagle Lake, Texas
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Relationship Status: Engaged

Ryan Trahan is a YouTube star who has gained popularity for sharing lifestyle videos, Vlogs, and commentaries on his channel.

Ryan also provides athletic training tips that have helped aspiring athletes and those taking athletics for fitness purposes.

Early Life and Family

Ryan hails from Eagle Lake, a small city in Texas. He was born on 7th August 1998, but his parents are not known by name.

He is, however, close to his parents, and he talks about them on social media a lot.

His brother is known as Matthew and Ryan appreciates him for supporting him in his career and other areas in life.


Ryan attended Rice High School, located in Altair, Texas. He later joined Texas A&M University where he also pursued athletics.

Ryan was not able to complete college because of tussles with the athletics governing body.

Rise to Fame

Ryan became famous for his YouTube channel.

He began by sharing training tips on his self-titled channel and later ventured into a wide range of content including Vlogs and compilation videos.


Ryan operates two companies known as Neptune Bottle and Hydra Collective.

Neptune Bottle was created to make quality reusable bottles to help reduce pollution.

Hydra Collective is an eCommerce platform that the Internet star uses to sell his merchandise.

Ryan has made a lot of money through his merchandise as well as brand endorsements. His YouTube is also a money-maker as he has a ton of content enjoyed by millions of viewers.

Social Media

On YouTube, Ryan has garnered about 2.66 million subscribers. He also has an Instagram account which presently stands at 582K followers.

The athlete has also been sharing content on TikTok, where over 1 million people follow him.

Personal Life

Ryan has been dating Haley Pham for a while, and in May 2020, the two got engaged. He has featured his fiancée on his social media a couple of times and the two appear to be deeply in love.

Height and Weight

Ryan Trahan is 5’9 “(175,295 cm) (centimeters) tall. As he is a teenage fitness enthusiast, his weight is  65 kg. He has white skin, blond hair, and hazel eyes.


During his freshman year at the university, Ryan had some issues with the NCAA.

The distance runner was warned against using his image as an athlete to promote his YouTube channel and businesses.

Ryan had only a few thousand subscribers on his channel, and he was struggling to grow. It was also increasingly difficult to manage and promote his companies because of the NCAA rules.

He eventually opted to drop out of college and focus on running his business and growing his YouTube channel.

Ryan Trahan has managed to make the right decisions when the need arose.

He saw the opportunity in social media and ran with it. He is now thriving because of taking the risk.

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