Francine Valli

General Facts and Figures

  • Name: Francine Valli
  • Net Worth: Unknown
  • Occupation: Family Member
  • Date of Birth: 1960
  • Death Date: August 16, 1980
  • Place of Birth: Newark, New Jersey
  • Zodiac: Unknown
  • Spouse: Unknown

Bio and Education

Francine Castellucio was the daughter of Frankie Vallie, a legendary singer. Her mother was called Mary Delgado Vallie.

While she was born around 1960, she did not disclose much about her actual birthplace and birthday. However, she grew up alongside her sister and step-sister in Nutley, New Jersey.

Career Highlights

Francine had one of the best vocals, launching her singing career in high school. She made several audio recordings at this time, including Midnight at the Oasis, Secret Life, and I Try.

Her powerful voice indicated what a wise choice it was for her to follow in her father’s footsteps.

On the other hand, her father, Frankie, made various hit songs during his time. Some of his most notable pieces are Walk Like a Man, Rag Doll, Beggin, Big Girls Don’t Cry, and Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.

Relationship with Her Father

Frank loved her daughter. She was the youngest in the family, and her desire to take after her father helped endear her to him. Accordingly, Frank labeled her Her Royal Highness, signifying how much he valued her.

Personal Life and Death

Francine died in August 1980 when she was about 20 years old. While some reports indicate that she died from pneumonia, others suggest that it was suicide. Regardless, it was a significant loss for Frank and his family.

Estimated Wealth

Francine had not made much in terms of wealth. Her father has an approximated net worth of $80 million.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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