Jorge Masvidal Net Worth

General Facts and Figures

  • Name: Jorge Masvidal
  • Net Worth: $6 Million
  • Occupation: Mixed Martial Artist
  • Date of Birth: November 12, 1984
  • Place of Birth: Miami, Florida
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Spouse: Iman Kawa
  • Social: Instagram

Childhood and Education

Jorge Masvidal is a person whose popularity is almost impossible to overlook. He was born on November 12, 1986, in Miami, Florida.

He boasts of Cuban, American, and Peruvian roots. However, Jorge has never revealed enough details about his siblings or even his parents.

His time at St. Brendan High School is worth noting. He spent his time at school competing in various sports, including wrestling.

Unfortunately, his grades were not the best, meaning he was forced out of the school wrestling team. Growing up, he engaged in multiple street fights from time to time.

Professional Growth

Jorge became a professional wrestler and mixed martial arts artist in 2003. He competed for various teams, including Shark Fights, Strike Force, Bellator, and World Victory Road.

Thanks to his agility and impressive skills, he holds the record of the fastest UFC knockout. This knockout barely took over five seconds. He is also among the best three UFC welterweight champions.

Jorge had a short stint in boxing. He was a professional boxer in 2005, with Eric El Cante as his trainer. His only match was against Joseph Benjamin, and he won it.

Personal Life

You can barely overlook how active Jorge is on social media platforms, and one of the best places to follow him would be on Instagram. You could also consider checking out his YouTube channel, which highlights some of his matches.

Jorge is a dad of three. While he is not married, he is close to the mother of his children, Iman Kawa. No reports are suggesting whether or not he is currently dating anyone.

Estimated Worth

Jorge has an estimated net fortune of $6 million. This amount is mainly from his MMA fights, and he also receives a significant amount from YouTube.

Further, endorsements and promotions have also helped boost his net assets. Jorge is frugal, using his money wisely and on no luxuries.

The most money he made was $580,000 from his fight against Kamaru Usman at UFC 245.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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