Judit Guerra

General Facts about Judit Guerra

  • Full name: Judit Guerra
  • Birthday: 17th July 1998
  • Place of Birth: Terrassa, Spain
  • Star Sign: Cancer
  • Nationality: Spanish
  • Occupation: Model, Video Vixen
  • Net worth: $1,2 Million
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

Judit is a popular model on Instagram where she has over 159,000 followers as of January 2022. The curvaceous 5’ 6” model hails from Spain, but her career has seen growth beyond her country of birth, taking her as far as Sweden, France, and other countries in Europe.

Her Family Background

Based on her Instagram feed, Judit prefers to focus on content that grows her modeling brand and less content about her friends or family members. For that reason, there is little information about her story except for the occasional bathroom selfies with her model friends like Brian Martín and Oscar Domínguez, and when she hangs out with friends, they tag her in their photos.

She speaks Spanish and English and uses the two languages interchangeably in writing the captions of her posts on Instagram.

Her Modeling Career

Judit’s content revolves around four areas: traditional clothing modeling, body art photography, promotional modeling, and poses in lingerie and bikinis. Her clothing model poses, on Instagram, ranging from a simple girl-in-her-denim look to her looking out of a balcony in a high-rise building.

As a lingerie and bikini model, she poses in bikinis or semi-nude with some parts of her body shaded off. At other times, she does nude photography, but still, some of her body parts are shaded off.

She has a plethora of body art content in which she is featured alone or with another model. Most of it is sensual body art. One of such creations features another model who calls herself Orbitofrontalmedial on Instagram.

Her promotional content ranges from bikini brands to sugar-free drinks. She features several models in such content, such as Yaiza Sada who posed with her for the brand Felina.

Indoor & Outdoor Modeling Shoots

She does studio shoots often, but she also does a myriad of location shoots. One of her top posts is on a surreal shoreline in Barcelona, Spain. She has also been to Stockholm in Sweden for nude photography on rocks jutting out into the water.

She also features in music videos, and one of her recent projects is the song Upside Down by the R&B artist Gaspar Soul featuring Paris Texas.

In conclusion, though Judit posts mature content on Instagram, she also runs an OnlyFans account for subscription-only content.

Net Worth

Guerra now represents Joy Life Company hats as a brand spokesperson. She also posts videos and updates from sponsors on her Instagram account. Her estimated net worth is $1.2 million.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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