Wendy Fiore – Bio, Age, Net Worth

Wendy Fiore – Bio, Age, Net Worth

General Facts and Figures

  • Full name: Wendy Fiore
  • Net Worth: $500,000
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthday: 21 December 1983 (35 years)
  • Birthplace: Downers Grove, Illinois, United States
  • Birth Sign: Sagittarius
  • Marital status: Unmarried

Social Media Profiles:

  • Instagram: WendyFiore
  • Facebook: NA
  • Pinterest: NA
  • Twitter: NA
  • YouTube: NA

Early Life

Wendy Fiore was born in Downers Grove, Illinois, United States. Her mother was a dressmaker and her father, who raised her, was a PRO. Her parents dissolved their marriage and her mother later married Bud Asher, a former football coach and a politician. Fiore later followed vaguely in her mother’s footsteps and entered the creative and glamor industry. She was interested in fashion and makeup, though she was not directly inclined towards her mother’s vocation of dressmaking. While she grew up in Chicago, she moved to New York City when she came of age and stayed alone in the Big Apple for a while. 

As a child, Fiore was interested in studying business but as she grew older, modeling seemed to be a natural calling for her and she gained a fair amount of fame in the field. 


Fiore began her modeling career in the year 2010. Her beginnings were humble and she started by being involved in small-scale projects for big names in the fashion industry. This was her foray into the profession and would pay off later. At the same time, she gradually began to create a presence on social media where she started garnering followers. Fiore is a successful socialite and is seen hobnobbing at industry parties. Her social media profiles also have images of her posing in attires that highlight her well-endowed figure.

She has a following of 463,000 people on Instagram where she routinely posts pictures of photoshoots and her travels. She is frequently photographed at the beach in bathing suits, striking sultry poses. Fiore does not shy away from flaunting her body, which she has clearly put a lot of work into. A lot of her pictures are semi-nudes either at the beach or at a studio. There are also images from various stunning destinations around the world and a USP of the images, apart from her presence, are the picturesque locales. She has a perfect hourglass figure, which seems to be her main allure as a model in the entertainment industry. 

Apart from general modeling assignments, Fiore has also been associated with a company called Surreal, which describes itself as Chicago’s “Number One VIP Hosting and Promotions Company”. The company provides packages for VIP guests to visit night clubs and strip clubs around the city. Guests can choose from a variety of different packages, rent limos and be hosted around town as they bar hop and experience Chicago’s nightlife. The company also has a branch in Las Vegas where they offer similar services. Since Fiore grew up in Chicago, it seems like an appropriate fit for her, though it is not clear in what capacity Fiore is associated with the brand. 

Public Image

As mentioned above, Fiore has managed to garner some following online. Though she does not seem to have verified profiles online (her profiles are devoid of the blue ticks) but she still seems to have a large following and is fairly active on Instagram. Her public image is mainly of a model and entertainer who is known to have a voluptuous hourglass figure. She has a busty body type and does not shy away from flaunting her cleavage and breasts on her social media accounts (though her images are always respectful of Instagram’s policies). Understandably, a lot of her followers online are men and they also seem to be her target audience, so Fiore seems to be doing her job successfully as her target audience is surely engaging with her content. 

She has dark brown hair which often cascades down to her waist. Fiore is said to be of Italian and Polish descent and those aspects of her genes are evident in her face and in her features. Fiore has a striking face apart from having a great figure. She has an extremely narrow waist, wide hips and well-endowed breasts which seems to be what draws her audience to her. 

Not much is known of Fiore’s personal life and her interests. A cursory Google search does suggest that she has dabbled into adult entertainment but this information would need authentication. Fiore does, primarily, focus on her modeling and her Instagram profile provides a sneak peek not only into her photoshoots but also what she does for leisure. A glance through her Instagram profile shows that she is interested in antiques, as she encourages her fans to get down to New Orleans to check out an antique store. Fiore has also spoken about her stress and anxiety and opened up to her followers about using CBD oil to manage her symptoms. She also frequently posts images of her meals and details of some of her favorite restaurants. Several of her posts have been about plates of food, a glass of wine or a menu card of a restaurant she is dining at. Her work also seems to allow her to travel a lot and pictures from her various trips often make it to her profile. 

One of the more interesting posts on her profile is of her giving vampire facial a shot. This form of facial involves drawing blood from the body and then placing it in a centrifuge. After a few hours, the blood is reapplied to the body. This form of facial is supposed to promote cell renewal. Regardless of whether or not it worked for Fiore, the image of her with her own blood applied to her face has got a lot of reactions and comments from her fans. Most of her images have comments from the fans either asking questions about what she has posted or admiring her looks. Though there is not much information available about the American model, her social media profile is a good beginning point to find out more about her.

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