Misa Campo – Biography 2020

General Facts and Figures


Misa Campo is a Canadian born model who first became famous in 2011 when she appeared on the cover of FHM magazine. Since then, the beautiful model has been featured on the pages of various fashion magazines and has also become an internet sensation, especially on Instagram, where she regularly posts her pictures and has more than 300,000 followers.

With her amazing body and fit appearance, Campo has won over millions of fans around the world. In 2006 she won the Miss Rocawear Canada beauty pageant and has also appeared in DragSport and Maxim.

In fact, she was the first girl who graced the cover of DragSport three times.

There have been multiple rumors circulating about the model’s personal life, and fans have been eager to learn more about the astonishingly beautiful Canadian woman.

Early years

Her real name is Michika Devieux, and she was born on January 28th, 1998, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Her mother is Dutch, and her father is Filipino, and she has two sisters – Marie and Jen.

At the age of two, Misa Campo went to live in Newport Beach in California with her father and remained there until the age of 10. After that, the young girl returned to Montreal and stayed with her mom and two sisters, but continued to pay regular visits to her father in the following years.

Misa was not the best student and often preferred to skip classes, which led to her getting suspended from several schools as she was growing up.

Eventually, she managed to graduate from high school and went on to become one of the favorite models in her home country.

The model and internet sensation is multilingual and speaks English, French, and Filipino fluently.

The beginnings of her career


Before becoming a superstar model, Misa Campo worked as a bartender at the Jet and System Night Club in Montreal. Luckily, her boss had connections with modeling agencies and people in the business, and set the young beauty up meetings with a few talent agents. As a result, she was chosen to work as a model for Sport Compact Performance, which is a leading sports car show in Canada.

This encouraged her to continue pursuing a career in the modeling business, and she also started taking part in various beauty pageants. In 2006, she won the Miss Rocawear Canada title.

Her modeling career

After this initial success in her home country, Misa Campo decided to move to Los Angeles to continue her career in modeling in the USA. When she first arrived there, she worked as a bartender to support herself.

This though, didn’t continue for very long, because pretty soon, she received offers by leading magazines including DragSport and Maxim to model for them.

In 2006, DragSport magazine picked Misa Campo as the model of the month for December.

In February 2011, she appeared on the cover of FHM magazine and was named among the top 100 sexiest women in the world by the magazine.

In May 2013, she took part in a photo-shoot by photographer Van Styles for SSUR Lookbook Summer 2013.

In 2018, she was featured in Sports Illustrated, and become the cover girl of the first FHM issue in the Philippines.

Gradually, her popularity began growing, and Misa Campo decided to focus on her online presence in social media in order to further improve her modeling career.

Campo has a leading role in the 2011 Indonesian flick Pacar Hantu Perawan, listed as a comedy horror movie.

The gorgeous model also appeared on Justin Timberlake’s video Suit and Tie in 2013.

On her becoming a successful internet star

In 2013, Misa Campo started up her official Instagram page, where she regularly posted impressive and beautiful photos of herself. This quickly drew hundreds and thousands of followers to her Instagram account. Today, the model has nearly 300,000 followers on Instagram, where she has described herself as a “Canadian lady with husky problems.”

She is also very active on Twitter and YouTube and is especially popular thanks to the risqué photos she likes to post on her Instagram and other social media profiles.

She is followed by 1.6 million people on Facebook and has more than 45,000 followers on Twitter.

The young model often works together with leading fashion photographers, including Van Styles. She loves posting pictures and videos of her modeling sessions, as well as of her everyday life and activities. The model also often posts her ideas and opinions on her various social media pages and profiles.

Musical career

In 2018, Misa Campo decided to pursue a musical career and follow the footsteps of Leah Dizon to become a singing star. Dizon was another Pilipino model and singer who had achieved a huge success in Japan but had decided to take a break.

Campo announced that she had signed a deal with a Japanese record label, and moved to Japan to try out her luck in the music business, but unfortunately ultimately failed to attract a big following there. Plus, the huge language barrier proved to be a problem for the aspiring singer.

Just 6 months later, Campo returned to Canada to continue working as a model.

Net Worth

Ever since she first entered the world of modeling, Misa has become increasingly successful, which has reflected on her net worth.

Her estimated fortune in 2020 is about $1 million, and this is only the beginning of her career. The details surrounding her salary and photoshoot earnings are not public.

If her fame continues to rise, expectations are that her net worth will quickly reach new heights as well.

Personal life

At the moment, the model has listed herself as single. She was reportedly dating Max Linder in 2012, but even though the couple didn’t make an official announcement, it became clear that the two had separated.

During the years, there have been different rumors about Campo’s personal life, including one that she was pregnant, which came from Sara Jean Underwood, another model and competitor of hers. This rumor turned out to be completely untrue, and Misa is continuing her successful modeling and internet sensation career now that she is 31 years old.

She has a beloved pet dog named Dani, who is a husky and even has his own separate Instagram page.

Misa Campo regularly shows support for different charities. In October 2014, she took part in the Team District 10s 8th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraiser car Show.

Body measurements and physical appearance

Misa Campo has a stunningly fit and beautiful curved and slim body figure. Her current measurements are 34-24-34 inches. The model is 7 ft. 6 inches tall and weighs 125 lbs.

She has beautiful dark brown hair and eyes.

With these looks and her success up until this moment, there is no doubt that Misa Campo is yet to show us her true talents and beauty in the world of modeling and social media.