Mitch Grassi – Biography 2019

Mitch Grassi – Biography 2019


  • Mitch Grassi rose to prominence with the Acapella group Pentatonix. The group consisted of Kevin Olusola, Avi Kaplan and other YouTube Acappella personalities.
  • The five artists in Pentatonix met only a day before they auditioned for NBC’s Sing-Off , an audition that changed each of their lives. 

Early Life

Mitch Grassi was born Coby Michael Grassi, in Arlington, Texas, United States. Born on the 24th of July, 1992, Grassi shot to fame with his musical talents, especially in Acappella. Grassi is of Italian, Irish, Scottish and Welsh heritage, born to parents Mike and Nel Grassi. He grew up interested in the performing arts, especially musical theater and other forms of creative expressions. He attended Martin High School in his hometown, but he had made a name for himself as a singer and performer in his area, even before he went to high school. 

It was during his school years that Grassi began to actively participate in choirs and musical theater and it was here that he became acquainted with like-minded teenagers, including Scott Hoying and Kristin Maldonado. The three of them came together to form a musical group called The Trio. Hoying went on to become Grassi’s best friend. 

Music Career

As has been mentioned above, Grassi has been involved in music and performance from a very early age. In 2011, the first sightings of professional success can be seen in Grassi’s career. By this time, Hoying and Maldonado had already graduated from high school and were attending university while Grassi was still finishing high school. Hoying met Avi Kaplan through a mutual friend in college. Kaplan already had a modest reputation preceding him as a bassist and he joined Hoying and his musical group. The Trio also became acquainted with Kevin Olusola at this time when a video of him beatboxing while playing the cello was going viral. All five artists came together in the nick of time and by complete serendipity. They met a day before an audition for the third season of NBC’s Sing-Off. They auditioned for the contest with their new official name, Pentatonix. The group went on to win the third season of NBC Sing-Off and there has been no looking back since then.

The group gained popularity because of their renditions of songs like ET (Katy Perry), Love Lockdown (Kanye West) and Eye of the Tiger (Survivor). 

Rise to Fame

Since winning the show, the group has achieved several things to speak about. To begin with, they signed a contract with Madison Gate Records which kickstarted the recording of their debut album. Instead of an album, however, their first collective work was an EP called PTX Volume 1, which came out in June 2012. In November, the same year, they followed this up with another EP tiled PTXmas. However, while the group had signed with Madison Gate Records for their debut album, eventually their first album was released by RCA Records. Their studio album was called PTX, Vols 1 & 2, was a compilation of all the songs on their first and second EP. The album, however, did not do as well as the group had anticipated or hoped for, but the group did not give up.

Their Christmas album, however, changed the game for them. It was released in October 2014 and was called That’s Christmas to Me. The album was so successful that it achieved the double platinum status in the United States and also reached #2 on the US Billboard 200 chart. The group has had two extremely successful albums since then – Pentatonix (2015) and A Pentatonix Christmas (2016). Both the albums topped the US Billboard 200 chart and received gold and platinum status respectively.

Grassi’s group has also released their fifth and sixth studio albums recently called PTX Presents: Top Pop, Vol 1 and Christmas Is Here. Apart from albums, the group has also been touring across the United States and Canada. Apart from their musical endeavors outside and in the studio, the group is also extremely popular on YouTube. In fact, in the brief period when they were without a contract, the group subsisted through YouTube and their popularity there. In the few years since their inception, they are one of the largest acapella groups on YouTube and have garnered a following of 17 million.

Grassi and Hoying also have a YouTube channel together called Superfruit. Their channel has 2.5 million subscribers. 

Supposed Illness

There have been rumors circulating the internet and in fan chat rooms that Grassi had been diagnosed with early-stage cancer. There has been no confirmation from Grassi or his team regarding the veracity of these rumors. The speculations sparked off when Grassi appeared in public with his head shaved and had a discernible amount of weight loss. Other theories suggest that Grassi had shaved his head for a music video and the weight loss is only due to dieting but there has been no confirmation or denial regarding this. 

Personal Life

Grassi is openly gay and uses both the male and female pronouns to refer to himself. He was earlier said to be engaged to Travis Bush, but the two broke it off. There have also been rumors of Grassi and Hoying dating and while the two are extremely close, they have denied being in a relationship.

Grassi’s personal and professional life often tends to mix as he posts glimpses of what he has been up to on his social media profiles. Grassi has an especially popular presence on social media, especially among the members of the LGBTQIA+ members as he declares him to be a proud ambassador of the community. Grassi has a commendable presence on Instagram, YouTube (through his channel with Hoying and the official group channel) and Facebook.

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