Sophie Mudd – Biography 2022

General Facts and Figures

  • Full name: Sophie Mudd
  • Net Worth: $800,000
  • Occupation: Model
  • Birthday: 27 July 1998
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Birth Sign: Leo
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Social: Instagram, TikTok

Sophie Mudd is a social media sensation, popular for her hot body and gorgeous face. The model currently boasts over 2.7 million followers on Instagram and close to 50,000 on Facebook.

Her BackGround

She was born on 27th July 1998, in Los Angeles, California. Not much is known about the identity of her family members other than she has a brother named Nicholas Mudd. Sophie attended the Campell Hall school where she excelled in her academics and sports.

Modeling Career

Her modeling career came calling when she randomly took a picture of herself at ‘The Sparkle Factory’ in Las Vegas and posted it on Instagram. To her surprise, the photo garnered so much attention. She then decided to roll with the tide and post more photos. Each time, the reception was great and her account quickly grew. The photos depict her in different clothes and feature beautiful backgrounds. Based on the number of likes, her fans especially love her Bikini shots.

Her body, which measures 38- 25-36 looks great in almost anything. To add on, she’s got pouty lips, dark hair, and eyes which make her look even more spectacular. It was, therefore, of no surprise when major brands started approaching her to help market their products. She has endorsed products for brands such as Nike, DIFF, Shadow Hill, and Cloudten just to mention a few.

With the many deals trickling in, Sophie signed with MP Management (a firm in Milan) that not only helps manage her deals but also lands some more. Today, it is speculated that she makes about $2000 for every post on her social media handles making her one of the richest celebrities on Instagram.

As a result of her fame, numerous brands wanted to work with her. They believed she could raise awareness of their products and aid in their quest for global fame. She agreed to work as their brand ambassador after signing a contract with a large corporation. She was given numerous excellent chances to display her talent within the company and within the sector.

To add to her income, she has established a website, featured on Shopify, where she sells items such as hoodies.


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Personal Life

Sophie is currently in a relationship with Austin Dash. The two started dating in 2017 and three years later their relationship is still thriving. She often posts pictures of them hanging out together and having fun. She is also pretty much close to her family judging from the many posts and pictures of them together. In one particular post, she termed her mother as her Best Friend Forever. She has also shown appreciation for her father and thanked him for the person she’s become today.

When away from modeling, Sophie loves to play with her dogs and visit new places.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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