Taran Noah Smith – Biography 2022

  • Full name: Taran Noah Smith
  • Net Worth: $300 000
  • Occupation: Former Actor, Entrepreneur
  • Birthday: April 8, 1984
  • Birthplace: San Francisco, California
  • Birth Sign: Aries
  • Marital status: Divorced (Was Married to Heidi Van Pelt)

In the 90s, Taran Noah was a household name, popular for his role as Markus (Mark) in the Sitcom Home Improvement.

During this time, the television comedy series was rated among the most-watched sitcoms in America and bagged several awards.
Apart from ‘Home Improvement,’ Taran Noah was also featured in ‘Little Big Foot 2: The Journey Home and ‘Ebbie.’

His Background

Taran Noah was born and raised in San Francisco, California. Thanks to his parents, Candy Bennici and David Smith, Taran Noah has Irish, English, Italian, and Swedish roots. He was raised alongside his older sister Ariandrea Hilary Smith, who is a model by profession.

With the support of his parents, Taran Noah took to acting at the tender age of 7 and kept at it till he was 16 – when the popular Sitcom ‘Home Improvement’ came to an end.

According to him, he had started acting at quite a young age and never really had the chance to decide what he wanted to do in life. Hence, walking away from acting would allow him to explore what else life had to offer.

Life After “Home Improvement”

Usually, most child stars do not have it easy in their adult lives. Available roles get fewer, and people quickly forget them or find it hard to relate their current faces to their former selves.

Though Taran Noah didn’t feel the impact of these realities as he was no longer interested in acting, he did face a few challenges of his own.

Only a year after leaving “Home Improvement,” he married Heidi Van Pelt. The marriage raised many eyebrows, considering Heidi was 33 and he was only 17. Not many people believed their marriage would survive the test of time, and they were right. The two divorced 6 years later. Nolan Eric Smith, a son, was the couple’s only child.

While married, he and Heidi opened up a vegan food business called “Playford,” which was only successful for a short period of their marriage.

Another noteworthy scandal was when he had just turned 18, an age suitable to gain access to his $ 1.5 million trust fund. He had accumulated this money during his acting career.

Though it was a large sum, Taran Noah suspected he had made much more and blamed his parents for squandering it by buying a mansion for themselves.

In an interview, his mom strongly disputed this allegation, saying that the money had been in a trust fund and they couldn’t touch it even if they wanted to.

She further added that Taran Noah had tried accessing the fund when he was 17, and they prevented him from protecting it. Lucky for them, the Marin Courts were of the same opinion.

Years later, Taran Noah made up with his parents and blamed the dispute on the foolishness of youth. He had come to realize that his parents had his best interests at heart.

Smith was arrested around one in the morning on 2/1/2012. According to, it is located in Los Angeles County. He allegedly had hash, a type of marijuana, in his vehicle and was also driving while high.

Body Measurements

Taran Noah Smith, an intelligent actor, knows how important it is to always look good because he has curious paparazzi following him everywhere. The total body length of Taran Noah Smith is 6 feet 1 inch. He weighs 75 kg and is 1.83 m tall. The colors of Taran Noah Smith’s eyes and hair match.

Where is Taran Noah Now?

To pay his bills and keep himself busy, Taran Noah found solace in entrepreneurship. He has worked as an installation artist where popular events such as Coachellaneurship. He has worked as an installation artist at popular events such as Coachella. He has also worked with his dad to build energy-efficient purifiers. In 2014, he volunteered at Communitere, a non-profit organization.

Not to forget that he has also helped his mom come up with her book, ‘Stardom Happens,’ which addresses the intricacies involved in raising a child star. He has also done some writing as part of his job at “The Community Submersibles Project’,” where he works as a Technical Manager.

Judging from the many ventures he has been involved in, it seems like he is still trying to find what suits him best. Opportunely, he is still young and still has got his whole life ahead of him.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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