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Thomas Beaudoin – Biography 2023

  • Full name: Thomas Beaudoin
  • Net Worth: $5 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, TV Star, Photographer
  • Birthday: August 21, 1981
  • Birthplace: Thetford Mines, Canada
  • Birth Sign: Leo
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Social: Instagram

Why is Beaudoin Famous?

Beaudoin’s roles in various films have largely contributed to his stardom. These include Herbert and Fanny, Love’s Last Resort, and The Blue Moon, just to mention a few. Nevertheless, his most outstanding characters remain to be in “The Spirit of Christmas’ and ‘The Blacklist.”

Beaudoin’s Background

The actor was born in Quebec, Canada on August 21, 1981. However, no information is available about his family apart from the fact that he grew up alongside two sisters in Drummondville.

After high school, Beaudoin joined Concordia University in Montreal to pursue a degree in Psychology and Exercise Science. However, after only a year of college, he discovered that the career path he had chosen did not interest him much.

He, therefore, decided to explore something else—acting. To kick start his newfound interest, he moved to New York, where many off-Broadway Plays welcomed him with open arms.

His Acting Career

Looking at him, it’s easy to see why, unlike many people who struggle to find their footing in the acting world, his transition was smooth. Beaudoin has a good look and can quickly change into any role that is given to him.

He has been featured in several Broadway productions, including Orpheus Descending, Cuisine and Dependances, and La Dame Aux Carmelias, during which he also enrolled at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.

At the time, not much money was coming in, considering he was still a rookie, so he took up modeling gigs from brands, including Dolce & Gabbana, Escada, and Ray-Ban, to supplement his income.

He later landed his first TV role in the series ‘Blue Moon’ where he played gang leader Dick Seguin. That can be said to have been his breakthrough in the acting world, and his career has been on an upward trend ever since. He has landed even bigger roles in films such as ‘The Blacklist’ and ‘The Spirit of Christmas.’

In total, Beaudoin has acted in over fifteen film and television productions. Undeniably, he has done justice to all his assigned characters, which has led to the fame he so much enjoys today.

Net Worth

Thomas Beaudoin’s acting career is one of his main sources of income. Since 2015, he has worked in the entertainment sector, earning a respectable salary and accumulating a sizeable net worth.

However, it is still unclear how much money he has in total. His net worth is, however, estimated to be approximately $5 million. His wealth and other charitable endeavors are still under investigation.

Height and Other Physical Details

One of the things that fans care about most is the physical condition of celebrities. Their height, weight, and eye color have always lagged behind others in beauty. We are aware of it. His height is 183 centimeters, or 6 feet and 3 inches. He weighs about 183 pounds, or 83 kilograms, in pounds.

Beaudoin’s Personal Life

Beaudoin loves to ride motorcycles, play the piano, and give to charity when away from cameras. He is also passionate about helping animals, evident from his support of the ASPCA and adopting a Rottweiler. Relationship-wise, he is still single. At least, that’s what many people believe because Beaudoin does an excellent job of keeping his personal life private.

You can find him on social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram to keep up with his current happenings.

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  1. I really liked the Spirit of Christmas. Yes, he is very handsome. I will be keeping my eyes open for more films he may be in.

  2. Loved seeing you in “The Trouble with Mistletoe!” 2019, your eyes are absolutely fabulous!
    I also saw you in “The Christmas Spirit!” 2015 as Daniel, you were fabulous just like your eyes which I remembered when I saw you in The Trouble with Mistletoe.
    I just saw the movie you made in 2019 and was enthralled by your eyes so I looked up your name and found the movie which you made in 2015 and realized why I was enthralled again.

  3. Just saw your performance in The Spirit of Christmas .
    Just wanted to let you know , you are so much more than a pretty face you are a fine actor ,

  4. I’m sorry but I didn’t know who he was until I saw Spirit of Christmas and just fell head over heels for him. I live his voice, demeanor, character, and just his whole sence of calm that I see in him. I don’t know him but I wish him nothing but the best today and in the future. Wasn’t a lifetime fan but I’m going to look for his movies to see them. Thomas, wow!!!!!



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