Taylor Alesia – Biography 2019

Taylor Alesia – Biography 2019

General Facts and Figures


Taylor Alesia is a social media star and singer, who has 2.3 million followers on Instagram, and her first song Stay the Night released in 2017 has over 10.6 million views on YouTube.

The young internet celebrity has such a massive following thanks to her perfect looks and the various interesting topics she covers and discusses online, especially on YouTube where she has over 2.4 million subscribers.

She is also famous on Twitter where her followers are 193,000 and on the live streaming service YouNow where she is being followed by 42.5 thousand people.


The Internet star was born on October 13th, 1996, in Arizona to the Compton family. She lived in Scottsdale, Arizona until the age of 8.

Taylor Alesia grew up changing several schools and attending college for a single first semester only. She has claimed that her main passion was focusing on being a social media star, which is why she dropped out of college and moved to New York.

Taylor uploaded her first Instagram photo when she was only 13 years old. Just two months later she already had 400,000 followers.

In May 2015, she uploaded her first video on YouTube, and pretty soon she managed to attract the attention of over 1 million subscribers too.

The young social media star focuses on making useful videos for viewers of her age, covering topics like fitness, makeup, diets, relationships, as well as advice on boosting the self-confidence.

Taylor has claimed that her family is the most important priority for her, but that she loves making YouTube videos and hopes to become an even more successful YouTuber.

Her dad, who Taylor refers to as Mr. Compton often appears in her photos and videos, and the two are obviously very close.

No details are known about Mr. Compton and Mrs. Compton. Taylor’s father speaks with a New York accent and has mentioned that he is very busy with his job, but still enjoys watching TV, shopping and spending time with his daughter.

The star’s mom is called Mary Ann Compton. As Taylor has mentioned, her mother has Italian roots, and she lives in Arizona. Taylor Alesia often mentions her mother as her best friend, and as the person who has taught her and her sister how to be real women.

The young internet star has a sister who is seven years older than her and is called Alli. Alli and Taylor seem to be pretty close, and the internet star has mentioned in different videos and tweets that Alli did and still does her hair and makeup for her when they are together. Currently, Alli is living in Florida, which at first made Taylor feel like she had lost her connection with her. As a result, she made an emotional video claiming that her sister had “passed away” which shocked and confused her followers and fans.

Today though, the siblings reportedly talk as often as possible and are still very close.

YouTube success

Taylor Alesia created her YouTube account on May 26th, 2015, called tayloralesia.

She quickly began developing her account and adding more and more videos to her channel.

Today, she has over 2.4 million subscribers, and her multiple videos have been watched by millions of people around the world.

She is very active on YouTube, uploading videos to her channel almost every day.

Some of her most popular videos include: Extreme Couple Challenges, Boyfriend vs. girlfriend, and Dad Ripped My Belly Button Piercing Out

The young social media star is also very successful on Twitter, Instagram and on YouNow.

Her first music video Stay the Night has over 10 million views.


Taylor Alesia has often mentioned that her parents are pretty old-fashioned and are not fans of her tattoos or piercings. Nevertheless, she decided to get her belly pierced when she turned 18, and also got three tattoos. The one on her wrist represents her zodiac sign Libra. She also has a heart tattoo on her knuckle and a tattoo with Italian writing on her finger saying “Bambolina” which is the nickname her grandma used to call her as a child. Bambolina means “little doll.”

Private life

Previously, Taylor used to date social media personality Mikey Barone in 2015. The youngster also has assisted Taylor Caniff’s RV Project Tour by being in charge with the merchandise and was reportedly dating the Vine personality briefly in 2015 as well. Caniff and his manager denied the claims of a relationship between the two.

Taylor started dating another famous YouTube sensation Tanner Fox in 2017 for a while. The couple shared pictures and videos together on their YouTube channels and other social media.

They announced that Taylor is pregnant in January 2018, but later on, explained that the video was meant to be a prank.

In April 2018 they decided to split up, which was revealed in a video uploaded by Tanner in May 2018. Alesia followed up and uploaded another video on her channel on May 31st to clarify her relationship status, and to comment on her recent break-up.

After that, she reportedly dated Matt Freeman.

The young social media star got into a bit of a controversy after she posted photos of Nash and Hayes Grier smoking a suspicious-looking cigarette, for which received quite a backlash of the fans and followers of the social media brothers, accusing her of using the snaps to get more publicity.

Since she has become a true social media sensation with a massive following, the private life of Alesia has become a hot topic. Thankfully for her thousands and millions of fans, she is pretty straightforward about her personal life and relationships with boys and men.

She has a dog called Dunkin, who has his own Instagram account. Dunkin is a Pomeranian husky and has over 170,000 followers on Instagram. She announced his appearance in her life by uploading a YouTube video claiming she is going to be a mother in December 2017.

Unlike with her romantic life, Alesia does not like to disclose too much about her family and especially about her parents with whom she is very close.

Without doubt, the blue-eyed beauty will be gaining popularity as a vlogger and internet personality in the future, so keep your eyes on this young talented girl.

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