Vandy Jaidenn – Biography 2019

Vandy Jaidenn – Biography 2019

General Facts and Figures


She may be only 15 years old, but Vandy Jaidenn is already a famous teenage fashion blogger and model.

She achieved fame via the video-sharing service Musical.ly (today known as Tik Tok) but has expanded her social media presence and fame to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

When she first started Vlogging, Jaidenn used to upload outfit of the day videos, but today she is posting extensive fashion vlogs and blogs and has become one of the favorite teenage internet stars in the world.

Young Vandy is already a highly recognizable model and has modeled for numerous child and teen publications, including Big City Magazine.

Early Life

The teenage fashion and internet icon was born on July 22nd, 2004 but she hasn’t revealed her exact birthplace. She is only 15 years old and currently lives in Texas.

Vandy is the middle child of the Jaidenn family.  She has an older brother named Kyson, and a younger one called Pax.

The young internet star rarely posts about her father, but her mom Tarrah Jade is a prominent figure in her life and in her career. Tarrah Jade herself is a fashion blogger for tween girls called We’re So Fancy. She created the fashion blog along with the mother of Vandy’s friend Khia Lopez. She is also the co-owner of the Desert Pop Design & Desert Models Agency.

Vandy started contributing to her mom’s blog from an early age, which is one of the main reasons she has become so passionate about fashion herself.

The young vlogger is still a high school student, but there is no data on which school she attends, neither on what her plans for the future are.

Her Career

Thanks to the fact that her mom co-owns a modeling agency, Vandy got the chance to make her first steps as a model from a very early age.

Also, after mom Tarrah Jade and the mother of Vandy’s friend Khia Lopez realized that there are not enough outlets for tween fashion and modeling, they decided to create the We’re So Fancy tween blog.

Vandy became a contributor to the successful blog.

The young girl has modeled for various publications and brands, including Big City Kids Magazine.

After creating her own profile on Instagram, Vandy Jaidenn quickly gathered hundreds of thousand followers. Today, she has over 116K followers and fans on Instagram only.

The young model posts various fashion related posts, photos, and videos on Instagram, and shares events from her personal and everyday life, which her followers seem to love.

Vandy also uses Vsco, and Snapchat, as well as YouTube where she has numerous subscribers and followers as well.

Her social media star career started when Vandy was in the fifth grade, and she started her own Muscial.ly channel. She started by uploading daily outfits, fashionable clothing for various events she attended and others.

After her followers started increasing, the young star started experimenting and uploading funny videos which her fans truly enjoy and love, as can be seen from the number of views, comments, and likes. Today, she has over 410,000 followers on Musical.ly.

Jaidenn is also a popular member of the Muser Blogger list, as well as a contributor to the We’re So Fancy blog for teenage girls.

Rise to success

After starting her social media career so successfully on Musical.ly, Vandy decided to expand her internet and social media presence to other platforms and channels like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and others.

She posted videos and pictures of herself in different outfits plus her highly popular lip-syncing videos which draw thousands of views every day.

Many teen and child magazines and publications noticed the young pretty girl and started inviting her for modeling sessions and events.

At the age of 15, Vandy Jaidenn is reportedly already making quite a lot of money from her modeling and photo sessions.

What is her net worth?

Instagrammer and vlogger Vandy Jaidenn is pretty private when it comes to her income and net worth. But being a model featured in various publications, as well as working for several modeling agencies, one can imagine that she earns about 50-70 thousand dollars annually.

Personal life

Vandy Jaidenn has just turned 15 years of age and is currently focusing on her high school education, her modeling career, and her social media presence. She hasn’t shared any details about her love life, so she is probably too busy building a career and getting an education instead of spending time with love interests.

She seems to be very close with her mother Tarrah Jade and often posts photos and videos of the two attending different events.

The young internet star lives in Texas, goes to school, and is continuously increasing her fan base, so it is safe to assume that we will be seeing much more of her on the catwalk and on the Internet as she grows into a fine young woman.


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