Dick Van Dyke Net Worth

General Facts and Figures

  • Name: Richard Wayne Van Dyke
  • Net Worth: $50 Million
  • Occupation: Actor, Comedian, TV producer, Film Producer
  • Date of Birth: December 13, 1925
  • Place of Birth: West Plains, Missouri
  • Zodiac: Sagittarius
  • Spouse: Arlene Silver
  • Social: Instagram

Dick Van Dyke is an actor and comedian with several accolades to his name. He has been in showbiz for over seven decades, giving us some of the best film and television projects.

Early Life

Dick Van Dyke is the son of Hazel Victoria and Loren Wayne Van Dyke. He was born in West Plains, Missouri, on December 13, 1925.

He grew up in Danville, Illinois. Jerry Van Dyke is his younger brother.

Van Dyke is of English, Scottish, and Irish heritage. His mother was very religious, and it influenced his earlier decision to be a minister. However, he shelved those ideas in favor of the entertainment industry.

In 1944, he dropped out of high school, hoping to join the army. He could not be part of the air force due to being underweight. He, later on, got into the troops as a radio announcer.

Net Worth

Many of his fans query about his net worth as he is a veteran in the entertainment industry. At the moment, his wealth measures $50 million.

It is not surprising considering his over a 70-year-old stellar career—his monthly income and salary of $500,000 plus annual income and salary of $6,000,000.

Here is his claim to his riches.

Acting Career

One of the firmest foundations for Van Dyke’s immense wealth comes from his acting career. He started out in 1947 as a comedian, and after persuasion by pantomime artist Phil Erickson, he partnered with him in comedy.

The duo toured various nightclubs in the West Coast region. In the early 50s, they had their show, ‘The Merry Mutes.’

Having a show in the 1950s meant that you were partly on the way to becoming an elite performer. Van Dyke probably started making some good money at this time.
During this time, he made appearances for many television programs. One of them is ‘Chance of a Lifetime.’

The actor debuted in the film, assuming a leading role in a musical. It was in 1963 that he took the part of Albert. J Peterson in ‘Bye Birdie Birdie.’ The film was part of the successful projects he took part in. Bye Birdie Birdie received two Academy nominations. It also had two Golden Globe nominations.

For most of his life, Van Dyke has been an actor and a role model to many. He is still in the business, having recorded a Christmas duet single in 2017. With such a lengthy career, you understand how he became rich.

Personal Life

Dick Van Dyke got married to Margerie Willet in February 1948. They had 4 children together before their divorce in 1984.

His second partner died in 2009, after being together for over 30 years. Her name was Mitchell Marvin.

He got into another marriage with Arlene Silver, a make-up artist, in 2012.

Van Dyke is a father and a grandfather. He confessed about his struggles with being an alcoholic. He has since recovered.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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