Jackie Chan

General facts and figures

  • Name: Chan Kong-Sang (Changed to Fong Si-lung in the 1990s)
  • Net Worth: $400,000,000
  • Occupation: Martial Arts Expert, movie actor, director, producer, singer, stuntman, philanthropist
  • Birthday: 7th April 1954
  • Place of Birth: Hong Kong
  • Sun Sign: Aries
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Social: Facebook

Early Life and Education

Jackie Chan (Kong-Sang) was born in Hong Kong (1954). He celebrates his birthday on 7th April. While he barely reveals the names of his parents, he says they were impoverished.

His family immigrated to Australia in 1960. However, he had to return to Hong Kong to attend a strict boarding school, and his parents sent him there the following year.

Chan went to the Chinese Opera Research Institute, where he studied martial arts, singing, and acrobatics. He graduated in 1971 as an acrobat, stuntman, and actor.


Jackie Chan began his journey in the film industry with his appearance in Big and Little Wong Tin Bar in 1962. Upon his graduation, he joined the production of the film, The Fist of Fury as a stuntman and acrobat.

In this movie, he starred alongside the legendary Bruce Lee. This film pushed him into the limelight, thanks to making the highest fall in history.

The sudden death of Bruce Lee was devastating, but it spearheaded the career of Jackie Chan. He got singled out to succeed Bruce.

In this light, he appeared in several kung fu movies, albeit unsuccessfully. With no success in sight, Chan and Lo Wei, a movie director, and producer, ended their partnership.

His bona fide hit came in 1978 and was called Snake in Eagle’s Shadow. His approach, called Kung-Fu comedy, attracted a relatively huge fan base.

His subsequent movies were a hit, and they include The Fearless Hyena and The Young Master. He produced The Young Master with Lee’s former production company, making him the highest-earning star in Hong Kong.

Chan has also produced several comedy shows. Project A, Armor of God, and Police Story are some of them. His most outstanding work in Hollywood was Spartan X.

Personal Life

Jackie is a relatively private person. He has always managed to keep prying eyes away from his family. He is married to Joan Lin, and they have two children together.

His charm and sense of philanthropy cannot go unnoticed.

He founded and ran a charity organization called Jackie Chan Charitable Organization. This foundation provides medical service assistance, scholarships, and disasters.

Net Worth

Jackie Chan has gained a significant amount of wealth in the film industry, both as an actor and producer.

He boasts an estimated net worth of $400 million, mostly from the film industry.

Body Measurement

Chan 5′ 7″ (170 cm) in height and 65 kg (143 pounds). His body is 40-32-14 inches in length. Jackie Chan has a 40-inch chest, a 32-inch waist, and a 16-inch biceps waist.

His eyes and hair are both browns.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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