Lyna Perez

Quick Facts about Lyna Perez

  • Full Names: Lyna Perez
  • Born on: November 4, 1992
  • Birth Place: Miami, Florida
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Modeling, social media personality
  • Net worth: $500,000
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

Her Background

Lyna Perez grew up in Miami and knew she wanted a career as a model when she was a teenager. Hence, when she turned 18, a friend was planning a photo in which she eagerly took part. That marked the beginning of her modeling career.

The Journey to Stardom

Instagram propelled Lyna to the world, making her one of the top young stars in swimwear and lingerie modeling. On Instagram, she commands a following of six million with over 400 posts. According to her bio status, her life revolves around bikinis, the sun, and the glam.

Her curvaceous body graces a variety of magazines including the coveted Playboy. She appeared in the Mexico Edition of this magazine as one of the top models on Instagram.

Lyna works with famous brands, such as Fashion Nova, and she is a strong supporter of bikini and lingerie brands run or managed by women. She also does product promotions -one of her most famous videos being of her promoting Bang, an energy drink.

In addition to modeling, she runs an e-shop selling boxer briefs, fashion accessories, and an assortment of home goods like fleece blankets and coffee mugs. Fans can also buy phone covers, posters, and dog straps with her photo on them.

She has a private channel for what she terms as VIP treatment or content that social media would flag as too wild. This private channel has a range of “tips,” from $25 to $250, and a fan can add a personalized message to the request.

Though she does not draw unnecessary attention on social media, she once suffered a Janet Jackson Super Bowl kind of moment when her boob bust out of her t-shirt on Instagram live – to the joy and excitement of some of her fans. The moment became a viral video overnight.

Lyna can turn social media trends into an opportunity to gain engagement for her brand easily. She did so when WAP came out, taking on TikTok to offer her version of energetic hip-shaking moves in a sexy short and bra outfit that showed her toned abs and signature cleavage.

As with all her captions on social media, she drew her fan’s attention by asking them to get her 300,000 likes on that video and she would dance WAP for her fans. The video is almost at 300,000 likes.

She receives criticism from fans that are curious about her boobs, alleging she has had some work done. So far, she has not denied, or responded, to the rumors.

Her Private Life

Lynaritaa, as she calls herself on Instagram, has kept her dating life private despite leading a very public life on social media. A while back, she posted pictures that suggested she was dating, but the man’s face and name were a mystery. However, the photos are not on her account anymore, so the waiting game continues to know whether she is still searching or taken.

In conclusion, if you love bikinis, listening to Notorious B.I.G, working out, and eating pizza you ought to follow and keep up with her, as Lyna is very passionate about these things.

On Instagram

In her most recent social media post, Lyna Perez makes a cleavage display.

This week, the Instagram sensation has been turning up the heat on her account, and on Tuesday, she proceeded to awe her 8.9 million followers with a series of breathtaking images.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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