Mary Padian – Biography 2022

  • Full name: Mary Padian
  • Net Worth: $ 1 Million
  • Occupation: Television Actor
  • Birthday: August 24, 1980
  • Birthplace: Dallas, Texas, United States
  • Birth Sign: Virgo
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Social: Instagram

Mary Padian is a free-spirited reality TV show actress that is a part of the cast of Storage Wars. She is also an entrepreneur. She operates her own specialty business where she markets unique items. Photojournalism is another thing that Padian does to earn a living.

She is also a popular Twitter and Instagram personality. Did you know she earns about $650 per tweet? She is definitely a social influencer and has her own following of fans.

While the show was off the air, Mary kept her over 350,000 Instagram fans up to speed with her daily activities by posting often. Even when not filming for Storage Wars, the reality star keeps active and stays loyal to her picker origins.

Where does Mary Padian come from?

Mary Padian was born in Dallas, Texas, back in 1980. Her father had his own scrap metal business. This is where Padian learned how to find junk items and transform them into useful and new objects.

During her childhood, she developed her ability to improve junk items. Her childhood was fairly normal, and she has a brother named Luke Padian.

Her parents divorced in 2009, but Padian was a grown woman by this time. Padian got a job with D Magazine during her senior year of high school. When she graduated, she went to the University of Texas at Austin. She eventually earned a photojournalism degree from this school.


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When did Mary Padian become a big TV personality?

Mary Padian started her own business called “Mary Finds.” It was a brick-and-mortar store that she operated out of Dallas. During the early years of the Storage Wars series, a producer from the show visited her business. He was charmed by Mary and offered her a position on the show.

At first, she had to work at Storage Wars Texas. She eventually was given a regular role on the national syndication of the show by A & E. Once she appeared on the show in its fifth season, she was an instant hit. Many fans fell in love with Mary.

They followed her through her adventures on the show. She is known to get down and dirty when looking for items to fix up. Mary was seen rummaging through dumpsters and looking in other off-the-wall places to find unique items. However, Mary is not a weirdo or crazy person.

Mary Padian’s Beauty Also makes her Popular with Fans

Mary Padian is 42, but she still looks amazing. She is a petite woman and has a height of 5’ 1″. She might be compact, but she is put together in all the right places. Also, she appears taller on the show (and in photos) even though she is so short. Mary has long brown hair and stunning gray eyes. She is a true beauty that any man would be lucky enough to have.

Dating Dylan from Storage Wars

However, Mary introduced her boyfriend, Dylan, during one of the Storage Wars episodes. In the program, Dylan went to various auctions with her. Unfortunately, since 2016, the reality TV star has not made many comments about her relationship.

Final Thoughts about Mary Padian

Mary continues to appear on Storage Wars, but she is not featured as often. She also runs her Mary Finds business online because her brick-and-mortar store was failing. Padian continues to hone her craft as a junk dealer and is known as the Junker.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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