Max Stanley

General Facts about Maxmoefoe

  • Full name: Maxwell Joseph Stanley
  • Birthday: 10th August 1993
  • Place of Birth: Perth, Australia
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Nationality: Australian
  • Occupation: YouTube content creator
  • Net worth: $1 Million
  • Spouse: Single

Maxwell is a YouTuber who makes comedy skits and pranks. He also posts social media challenges. His first videos on his main YouTube channel consisted of prank calls and videos of him opening mail.

Maxwell’s Social Media Background

Maxmoefoe, which is his most popular channel, has 3.03 million subscribers and over 295 million views. Though he created it on 15th November 2007, he posted the first video in 2008. The channel has been dormant since 7th October 2016.

He also has a good following on Instagram with over 755,000 fans as of 2022.
Previously, he has collaborated with a comedy channel called HowToBasic and with a YouTuber called iDubbbzTV. He was a member of Shrimpson Boys together with Filthy Frank.

YouTube Ban

YouTube has banned this account severally for several controversies. In one situation, he had shown inappropriate content after which YouTube removed and banned him for a fortnight.

His Other YouTube Channels

Maxwell has three other YouTube channels, each focusing on a particular type of content: Maxmoefoegames has 1.7 million subscribers, maxmoefoetwo boasts of 1.77 million, and maxmoefoePokemon has the least number with 1.49 million so far.

His Personal Life

Maxwell is currently dating Katharine Foxx after breaking up with Xantia Jamieson. However, there seem to be no recent pictures on their social media accounts to confirm their romance is still on or they broke up already.

In conclusion, Maxwell loves pets, and his Shiba Inu dog called Kevin has an Instagram account with 372,000 followers.

Net Worth

The sum of Max Stanley’s assets comes to a million dollars in total.

Body Measurement

Max Stanley’s height is 6’1″. He is a 72-kilogram man. However, as we all know, weight fluctuates, thus this is merely an analysis based on other credible Internet sources.



Written by Husein Gradasevic

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