MoonMoon_OW – Biography 2019

MoonMoon_OW – Biography 2019

  • Full name: Jesse
  • Net Worth: $1,7 Million
  • Occupation: Video games streamer
  • Birthday: March 20, 1990
  • Birthplace: USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Birth Sign: Pisces
  • Marital status: Unmarried
  • Twitch
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

About MoonMoon_OW

Moonmoon_­ow has gained popularity as a video game streamer and YouTube personality. He has become an internet star by uploading videos of his gameplay on the platform Twitch. Moonmoon_ow has played various games like Darkest Dungeon, Dark Souls 3, Overwatch, Skyrim, etc. and by uploading them on his channel on Twitch, he has gained over 715,000 followers. Moonmoon_ow is also a keen anime enthusiast.

Early Life and Education

An American by birth, Moonmoon_­ow was born on 20th March, 1990. His real name is Jesse. Not much is known about Moonmoon_­ow’s childhood, parents, schooling, etc. During the years that Moonmoon_­ow studied in high school, it is rumored that he was quite antisocial and in his free time, rather than spending time with his peers, Moonmoon_­ow preferred to spend his time playing video games. He was also not very keen on playing any sports. When Moonmoon_­ow finished high school, he did not go on to pursue a college degree. Instead, he chose to focus on a career online and began live streaming on the Twitch platform full time. 

Career and Rise to Stardom

Moonmoon_­ow created his channel on the live streaming platform, Twitch (an Amazon subsidiary) in 2016 and started streaming the games that he plays. He began by streaming the very popular game, Overwatch, an online multiplayer game that was created by Blizzard, which made him famous instantly.

Moonmoon_­ow’s followers on his Twitch account started growing and with each upload, he became more popular and his viewers started eagerly waiting for his new video uploads. He quickly became among Twitch’s top earners. The number of his followers has grown by leaps and bounds and today, Moonmoon_­ow has over 715,000 followers. 

One of Moonmoon_­ow’s popular videos has more than 360,000 views, which is rather impressive. On gaining popularity, Moonmoon_­ow started playing games like Dark Souls, GTA 5, I wanna be the Boshy, Super Seducer, Daddy Dating Sim and others which further increased his popularity.

All of Moonmoon_­ow’s live streams together have had over 10 million views, making his channel the 47th most-watched channel on the Twitch platform, 32nd most watched English channel, 13th most-watched Variety channel and the 8th most-watched English Variety channel. Moonmoon_­ow has live streamed for over 170 hours in total.

One of the main reasons for Moonmoon_­ow’s success is that he does 2 streams daily, which gains him viewers from North America and Europe. Moonmoon_­ow also interacts with his viewers on chat and has a very likable personality. 

YouTube Career

Moonmoon_­ow was encouraged by his Twitch success and he then launched his channel on YouTube on 6th April, 2016. He uploaded his first video, Hooking ‘through’ Genji deflect, which has more than 40,000 views. However, it was Moonmoon_­ow’s other videos that he uploaded on YouTube that made him quite popular on the platform. Today, he has over 147,000 subscribers on YouTube and his videos have over 25 million views.

Some of Moonmoon_­ow’s popular videos are 1 like = 1 cry that has more than 1.2 million views. His gameplay video of the game Skyrim is also extremely popular with more than 170,000 views and so are his Stream Highlights videos. He also plays games such as Dream Daddy, North Korea Z-Cup Simulator, Doki Doki Literature Club, etc. All of Moonmoon_­ow’s videos have increased his popularity and have made him an internet celebrity and have also contributed to an increase in his earnings and wealth.

Moonmoon_­ow often collaborates with his colleagues on Twitch in order to increase his audience and he also swaps audiences with other streamers. He has partnered with many Twitch, as well as YouTube personalities, such as TimtheTatMan, Seagull, UberHaxorNova, etc. Moonmoon_­ow works with Cheeky Ferret, a professional artist from Germany who helps him with the visuals and art for his YouTube and Twitch channels.

Net Worth

Ever since he began his gameplay career by launching his videos on Twitch, Moonmoon_­ow has become a renowned internet star and his earnings and wealth have grown steadily. According to sources, it is reported that Moonmoon_­ow has a net worth of around $1.7 million, which is quite impressive.

Personal Life and Interests

Moonmoon_­ow is quite a private person and is quite secretive about his personal and love life and has not shared any details of his past or current relationships publicly, so there is not much information about his life or his relationships. Although his followers are curious if he is seeing anyone; however, Moonmoon_­ow doesn’t seem to be too keen on answering their questions.

It is rumored that Moonmoon_­ow was in a serious relationship with a YouTuber a few years back; however, they split up for reasons unknown. Allegedly, the relationship hurt Moonmoon_­ow very badly and so, he decided to focus on his online gaming career instead. Moonmoon_­ow is single and does not have kids.

Reportedly, Moonmoon_­ow loves cats and has a white cat that has one green and one blue eye. As we already know, Moonmoon_­ow spends most of his time playing video games. He also likes watching American reality shows on television and comments about them on his Twitch channel. He also likes watching movies and anime. Some of Moonmoon_­ow’s favorite anime series are Naruto and Death Note and he also likes watching Japanese animated films like Akira, Ghost in the Shell, etc.

And, while Moonmoon_­ow prefers to spend most of his time indoors playing his video games and does not spend a lot of time outdoors, he is sure never to miss a GameCon or any other such event happening in the area. 

Social Media Presence

As you already know, Moonmoon_­ow rose to fame through his Twitch channel and his popularity grew when he started his own channel on YouTube. Moonmoon_­ow has a presence on Twitter where he has around 96.7k followers. He has shared all his activities and endeavors on Twitter, including all his Twitch videos and the fan art of his avid followers. Moonmoon_­ow is not active on other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

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