RiceGum Net Worth

General Facts and Figures

  • Name: Bryan Quang Le
  • Net Worth: $8 Million
  • Occupation: Rapper, YouTube Star
  • Date of Birth: November 19, 1996
  • Place of Birth: Vegas, Nevada
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Spouse: Ellerie Marie
  • Social: YouTube

Early Life and Education

Bryan Quang Le is a famous rapper and YouTube Star known as “RiceGUM.” He was born in Las Vegas in 1996.

He studied at Sierra Vista High school, where he actively played basketball.

He was accepted at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas but later dropped out to venture into the online industry.


RiceGUM first started out as an online YouTube Game Streamer. He opened his YouTube account with the name “RiceGum” at 16 in 2012.

He steadily rose to stardom by regularly posting his game streams. He’s well known for uploading his favorite video game, steam “Call of Duty.”

RiceGUM also used Twitch to upload his game streams, where he collaborated with Mia Khalifa.

Later, he got banned from Twitch for posting game streams with BB guns. As a result, he focused on YouTube and began posting “roast” videos and his music productions.

He roasted popular YouTubers like Loren Gray, Hunter Rowland, Jake Paul, and Jacob Sartorius.
He did this in his popular YouTube series “These Kids Must Be Stopped.” He’d sarcastically criticize music and dance videos made by the popular child stars.

His YouTube channel has now garnered over 10 million subscribers and 1.7 billion total views.

RiceGUM is also a well-known rapper, having posted many diss songs directed towards his fellow YouTubers.

His single “It’s Every Night Sis,” which featured Alissa Violet, also a YouTube star, hit #80 on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts in 2017.

Other well-known singles he’s released include: “God Church,” “It’s Everyday Bro,” and “Frick da Police.”

Net Worth

RiceGUM’s net worth, as of now, stands at approximately $8 million.

His fortune mainly streams from his YouTube channels, “RiceGUM” and “RiceGUMExtra.” “RiceGUMExtra” is his vlogging YouTube Channel that now has 1.5+ million subscribers.

RiceGum started his own merchandise brand, “Tyce,” to supplement his YouTube income. He sells merchandise items such as hoodies, backpacks, and T-shirts.

He also did a commercial for Monster Headphones during Superbowl LII.

With his $8 million net worth, RiceGUM has rewarded himself with a lavish lifestyle. He moved to Los Angeles, where he lived in a luxury mansion called “The Clout House” with his “Faze clan.”

To add on, he owns a Lamborghini, a Rolls Royce, and a Mercedes Benz S550.

Personal Life

RiceGUM was formerly in a relationship with the model Abby Rao. RiceGum is dating Ellerie Marie, his most recent girlfriend. Technically, after a brief hiatus, the pair reignited their romance.

Through social media, the pair made their rekindled romance public. On January 9, 2022, RiceGum and Ellerie Marie became official on Instagram.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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