Robert Terkla

General Facts and Figures

  • Name: Robert Terkla
  • Net Worth: $17 Million
  • Occupation: YouTube Star
  • Date of Birth: September 26, 1989
  • Place of Birth: Fort Worth, Texas
  • Zodiac: Libra
  • Spouse: Cami Mantilla
  • Social: YouТube


Robert Terkla, born on September 26th, 1989, is a social media star famous for his fishing content. He grew up in Fort Worth, Texas.

Growing up, Robert had a love for the outdoors. It is probably why fishing is his to-go hobby.

There is not much information on his upbringing and family. However, he looks well-educated. From his social media profiles, he appears to be an alumnus of the Bluebonnet Private School.

His Career

Robert Terkla joined the US army in 2008. He was an 11 Bravo infantryman deployed to Kirkuk in Iraq.

He got a medical discharge from his military duties in 2014. He, however, comes clear that he did not want to quit the military yet at the time.

Upon his discharge, he went back to his love of fishing. A year later, he launched his YouTube channel LunkersTV.

On his channel, he talks about fishing methods, equipment, and preparation. His content records over 1.89 million subscribers with a 320 million viewership.

Robert also has a successful Instagram handle with around 702000 followers. Most of his posts involve fishing.

He is the president of UMG Events.

Personal Life

Robert married Sarah in January 2011. The two have one daughter, Avery. They divorced in 2020, and Sarah kept their house. Robert is now in a relationship with Cami Mantilla.

Robert Terkla Career as Author

Robert is a novelist in addition to being a YouTuber and a former soldier. The first book Rob ever published was titled “Never Fear Anything: My Untold Story as a Sniper in Our Nations Longest War,” and he has since written a number of other publications. The book’s publication date is September 10, 2018.

He describes his time spent in Afghanistan as a sniper when he had to work surreptitiously behind enemy lines.

His previous publications are Not given: My Path to Becoming a Sniper and Deserved: My Journey to Become a People Hunter.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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