Timmy Thick – Biography 2020

  • Full name: Timmy Thick
  • Net Worth: $30 000
  • Occupation: Instagram star
  • Birthday: August 21, 1999
  • Birthplace: New York, USA
  • Birth Sign: Leo
  • Marital status: Unmarried

Timmy Thick is a former Instagram star whose website included effeminate videos and posts, not to mention a variety of raunchy, very brazen posts that some people found offensive. Although he has since closed his Instagram account, he garnered thousands of followers while it was up and running. He was a young teenager during most of his social media reign, and he is popular despite being a bit on the controversial side.

His Beginnings

Timmy Thick was born on August 21, 1999 (some publications say 2002), and he claims to be bisexual. He is 5’ tall (some publications say 5’ 3”), weighs roughly 100 pounds, and he has dark hair and dark eyes. One of the most interesting things about his Instagram account is that after roughly two years, it was suddenly closed down. There were rumors that instead of creating the site on his own, Harvard University was actually conducting a social experiment for those two years.

Of course, no one knows the truth, and Thick has just as many fans as he does critics. Some people want him back on Instagram, while others are glad he’s gone. While his account was up and running, most of his photographs consisted of him wearing makeup, wigs, and women’s clothing. He lives in New York and now he seems to be concentrating on simply avoiding the limelight.

No one knows Thick’s real identity or any information on his family life or how he got involved in this type of Instagram exposure. Most of the pictures that were posted on his Instagram account were selfies, and most of the information found on him – which is scarce – seems to center only on the short period of time that he was on Instagram.

Instagram Mania

Thick began posting selfies on Instagram around 2016, calling himself TIMMYTHEBARBIE. His poses, clothing, and facial expressions were all very feminine, and several times the account was closed down due to protests and complaints about his account. In 2018, his account was closed down for good, and this is when the rumors surfaced about the entire ordeal being a social experiment conducted by a student at Harvard.

Thick has nearly 40,000 followers on both his Instagram and his Twitter accounts, and his annual salary from his Instagram account is estimated to be roughly $15,000. He claims to be friends with several other well-known social media stars, including Ugly God and Danielle Bregoli. In March of 2018, when it was announced on his site that it would be closing for good, that post had over 30,000 retweets and 80,000 likes.

In a post that has since been deleted, it was also announced that Timmy Thick was actually a writer for the Harvard Lampoon, which is a satirical publication on the campus of Harvard University. In this same post, the social experiment theory was supposedly affirmed, but it has since been deleted, no one knows what to believe anymore.

Thick has a solid frame, despite his short height, but his curves only contribute to the overall feminine look that he tried to accomplish with every one of his posts. His provocative poses resulted in both very positive and very negative comments. Many people were disgusted by him, while others admired his courage and his ability to be himself despite what others thought about him.

Over and Over Again

Each time his Instagram account was shut down, Thick remained undeterred and simply pulled himself up by the bootstraps and created another one. He also had a YouTube account, where he gained thousands of more supporters, including many celebrities. In many of his posts, he used vulgar and rude language, which didn’t make his time on Instagram or YouTube any easier.

Part of his controversy came from his YouTube videos, including one where he filmed himself twerking. When he’s not creating controversy, Thick seems to be a normal kid who hangs out with his friends. He has been quoted as saying he’d rather be a social media star and be criticized than live a boring, ho-hum life.

Thick’s online persona, whether real or fake, included passions such as smoking blunts and listening to Nicki Minaj. According to many reliable sources, including a number of magazines that researched the issue, Thick is real, even though he may not be using his real name, and he was not, in fact, a Harvard-sponsored social experiment.

This and That

So few things are known about Timmy Thick, so he is quite an enigma. What is known, however, is that he lives in New York City, is single, and has a net worth of approximately $30,000. His online personality and the stories he told on Instagram were pretty rough around the edges, consisting of crude language and even cruder storytelling. It is little wonder his social media sites kept getting shut down.

Whether Thick is real or made up, one thing is certain: everyone who has ever visited his Instagram page will remember him forever.