General Facts and Figures

  • Name: Nau’Jour Grainger
  • Net Worth: $1Miliion
  • Occupation: Rapper
  • Date of Birth: January 9, 2000
  • Place of Birth: Syracuse, New York
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Spouse: Samaria J. (@samariajdavis)
  • Social: Instagram

Toosii’s Real Name

Toosii’s birth name is Nau’Jour Grainger. He is also known as KingToosii.

Toosii’s Background

Toosii is a rapper originally from Syracuse, New York. He spent most of his childhood in Syracuse before moving to North Carolina when he was 13.

Toosii has five siblings, and he says that his brothers and father are his musical influences. It means that certain members of his family are also into music.

His Career

In several sit-downs, Toosii says he started music when he was hardly into his teens. Initially, he used to rap and write bars as a way of coping with life. However, he did not step into a recording studio until later on.

In his earlier projects, he adopted the stage name King Toosii, though he dropped the prefix. When he was 17, he worked on three projects and the works were Label Me Diverse, Hell on Earth, and Why Not Now.

He has been very consistent in his releases and boasts of a diverse discography. Toosii has a knack for storytelling and has the New York flow in his sound.

Toosii’s latest song, “Love is,” a soul-baring examination of the suffering and perplexity that follow a breakup, has been made available through South Coast Music Group/Capitol Records.

On the song, Toosii delivers poetry while sampling Julia Michaels’ “Love Is Weird,” a piece from her first album from 2021.

On TikTok earlier this month, Toosii posted a portion of his brand-new song. On the site, the sound now has more than 35,000 creations with over 14 million total views.

Personal Life

Toosii currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. He is in a relationship with Samaria – an Instagram star, and they appear in photos together.

Toosii is a huge fan of tattoos, sporting the artwork on his arms, neck, and face.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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