Pocari Roo

General Facts and Figures

  • Name: Nicole
  • Net Worth: $1 Million
  • Occupation: YouTube Star
  • Date of Birth: August 17, 1994
  • Place of Birth: Australia
  • Zodiac: Leo
  • Spouse: Married to Kiba (KibaWolf)
  • Social: YouTube

Bio and Education

Pocari Roo is a renowned YouTube star born in August 1994 in Australia, and her real name is Nicole. Pocari spent most of her formative years in Tasmania before moving to New South Wales.

She has ably managed to conceal the information about her educational background and parents. However, she mentions her sister from time to time.

Career Highlights

While she confesses to loving animals, it was not until her sister mentioned whether she had thought about being a furry. From this, she picked up her current career path.

Her star as a fursona shot her into the limelight as soon as she launched her YouTube channel. While she portrays a male kangaroo, the inside is female.

Her YouTube channel focuses on various things. From tips for aspiring furries and personal fursuit stories to assorted furry content, you cannot miss something to watch.

Her melodic voice will readily ensure that you remain glued.
Pocari Roo has appeared at several furry-friendly events, including Confurgence and FurDu.

Personal Life

Pocari has always maintained a relatively low profile. She resides in Brisbane and is married to a woman called Kiba.

Estimated Worth

Pocari Roo has an estimated net value of $1 million. However, this amount is likely to grow much sooner.


Written by Husein Gradasevic


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