Tyler1’s Girlfriend – Biography 2022

  • Full name: Macaiyla
  • Net Worth: $1 Million
  • Occupation: Instagram star
  • Birthday: August 21, 1998
  • Birthplace: Colonie, Albany, New York
  • Birth Sign: Leo
  • Marital status: Not Married
  • Lives In: Missouri
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: Panamanian and Irish
  • Boyfriend: LolTyler1 (aka Tyler Steinkamp)
  • Twitch
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Macaiyla is an internet celebrity well-known for being tyler1’s girlfriend. Tyler1 is one of the most successful online gaming streamers, and his popularity has led to his girlfriend also gaining popularity.

Early Life

Macaiyla was born on August 21, 1998, in Albany, New York. She has Irish roots, with Panamanian ancestry on her father’s side. After she completed high school, she went on to study Criminal Justice in college but dropped out six months later.

How She Met Tyler

After dropping out of school, she decided to focus on her online career, which was mainly on Instagram. With every upload she made on social media, her following increased. This led her to post provocative photos of herself in her bikini, in the gym, and so on. It wasn’t long before she gained over 70,000 followers.

Tyler and Macaiyla met online when Macaiyla heard about Tyler through some of her male friends. They met in person in 2016 at TwitchCon, and soon after, they began to date.

It wasn’t long before the couple made their relationship official. She moved to Missouri, where Tyler lives, and since then, their relationship has steadily progressed.

Online Career

Macaiyla also has her own YouTube channel, which she opened in November 2012 but began to post consistently in 2016. The channel is a combination of her Vlogs and her Gaming videos. The channel itself has around 52,000 subscribers and over two million views.

Like her boyfriend, she is also into gaming. She streams mostly H1ZI and League of Legends, commonly known as LOL, on her Twitch Account, which has over 18,000 subscribers.


Even though she has thousands of followers on numerous gaming and social media platforms, Macaiyla is no stranger to controversies. She was banned from Twitch just three days after her birthday for an incident in which she threatened to bomb a fellow controversial streamer, TrailerParkin, at TwichCon. This incident, where she issued the threats, happened on Teamspeak, and she was banned there too.

She was also banned from Twitter for saying that she would bomb a school. Her second Twitter account was also suspended.

Personal Life

Macaiyla has three cats, Nelson, Emmitt, and Theo, whom she loves very much. She is also a fitness freak, and it is reported that she sometimes goes to the gym twice a day. She has stated that she would one day like to be a successful singer and act in films.

Tyler, her boyfriend, is also known to lavishly gift her. In July 2015, he gifted her with a new car, which she often posts on her social media platforms.

Net Worth

Her gaming and social media careers are very successful. Additionally, her boyfriend’s success in gaming has also propelled her to become one of the more successful gamers on game-streaming platforms.

All this has played a huge part in increasing her wealth. As of 2022, it is reported that she could be worth an excess of 1 million dollars.

Body Measurement

Macaiyla is 5 feet, 7 inches tall, or 1.7 meters, and weighs around 120 pounds, or 54 kilograms. Despite having an hourglass body, her cautious, important insights have not yet been revealed. She has earthy-colored eyes, and she dyes her hair blonde.

What Became of Macaiyla?

Because of her edgy tweets and behavior, Macaiyla has a reputation for being a divisive figure in the streaming community. After going to South Korea, she said things that could be hurtful to Koreans. Many people thought that this was why she was suspended on June 3.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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