Lexee Smith – Biography 2019

Lexee Smith – Biography 2019

General Facts and Figures

Dancer, model and a social media influencer, Texas-born and now LA-based Lexee Smith has added many feathers to her cap. Dance enthusiasts are well aware of Lexee’s ability as a dancer and several others will vouch for her fashion credibility, deeming her to be a hotshot model in making. With half a million followers on YouTube and Instagram, Lexee has no dearth of fans and is an established Internet celebrity who shares an incredible camaraderie with her followers. With a rich professional portfolio and a classy personality, this 18-year old is definitely going places.

The Rise to Fame

Lexee caught the public eye with her scintillating performance as a part of the famous dance team Latin Flavah where she busted some moves that were hard to do but made them look easy. A natural dancer and performer, fluid movements and electrifying performances proved to be a cakewalk for Lexee. Her dance moves are infused with panache and display an innate sense of dedication that makes her performance stand out among the rest. 

Lexee has the knack to catch attention just by doing what she loves.  Her feet first started tapping at the age of 5 and since then, there was no turning back. Relying purely on her instincts and talent, this Internet star made it so far without the help of an agency. She never resorted to an agent, nor approached the idea of pursuing a professional help to boost her career. Her organic growth is a testament to her flair, pure talent and potential which has her fans rooting for her as a dancer and also a prominent fashionista ready to make a break in the dynamic fashion world. 

An Ocean of Talent

So, what makes Lexee special and well loved among her peers and fans? It is her effortless charisma and magnetic personality that does the trick. Her great taste and her ability to pull off any look super convincingly make her a well-loved fashion icon among the social media community. Her inspiration comes via varied channels.

She is always on the lookout for fashion flavors of the yesteryears and believes that elegance and great couture never go out of trend. The New York Fashion Week is yet another source that influences her wardrobe. Fashion makes up an essential part of her professional domain. 

However, her heart lies in dancing. Her videos on YouTube are her claim to fame and she prefers her popularity to be attached to her dancing skills. Some of her favorite jams to dance to include Whip/Nae Nae, PJ Bop and many more.  

Other Projects In The Kitty

Post Latin Flavah, Lexee joined hands with another dance group, LilBeasts, which is proving to be yet another boost for her dancing journey. While her eyes are set on reigning the dancing kingdom, her growing popularity on Instagram might pave her way into a modeling and acting career. However, they will always come after dancing on her list of priorities.  

It is interesting to note that some of the fashion routines by Lexee put up by her on YouTube are creating waves and before we know it, she might be walking the ramp. Thanks to her introduction to the fashion world, Lexee has set her eyes on launching her own clothing line which will resonate with her suave taste and elegance.

Her Personal Life

An elder sister to two young brothers Jett and Jaxon Smith, Lexee puts in fervent effort in being an inspiration and a role model to them as well as to those who follow and admire her. After completing her graduation, her parents moved to LA to help her boost her career.

When not busy, Lexee enjoys hanging out at baseball fields and also plays a round or two. However, it is only dancing that excites her and by putting her best foot forward she hopes to fine-tune her career and see the prospects that open up for her. After graduating, she was contemplating joining the reputed Edge Performing Arts Centre, Los Angeles. We don not know about her plans of pursuing it after she relocates.

The future looks bright for this budding star and she has already proved her mantle by accomplishing more than celebrities and experts twice her age. At the mere of 18, there is a lot that she is yet to explore. We cannot wait to witness as she unfurls her potential in the future.

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