Ruby Turner

General Facts about Rose Turner

  • Full Names: Ruby Rose Turner
  • Born on: 16th October 2005
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California
  • Star Sign: Libra
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Dancer, Actress
  • Net worth: $500,000
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

Rose is a young dancer, singer, and actress. She became a household name when she featured in Sabado Gigante – a television show on Univision. She is also a famous social media personality on TikTok and Instagram.

Her Family Background

Rose was born on 16th October 2005, to Andrew and Natalie Turner, in a family of girls and two boys. Her elder sister stars in her videos and is also a great dancer.

Her Dance Career

She started dancing when she was young. Therefore, she took dance lessons and participated in dance contests to grow her skills before taking on a professional career in dance. At seven years, Rose danced professionally for the first time on the Sabado Gigante show, and this performance set off her career.

Her second major performance came in 2015 when she featured on Dancing with The Stars live show on ABC. Next, she starred as Julianne Hough in a dance performance for Move Beyond Tribute. Her success in dance also comes from her collaborations with established choreographers like Tricia Miranda, which has given her more skills and a platform to reach a larger audience.

Her Acting Career

Rose is a budding actress too. She played a role in Annie in 2014 of an orphan, but was uncredited. Therefore, her role in Black-ish on ABC in 2016 is her first known acting job. She then played Phyllis Gladstone in the sitcom Fuller House from 2016 to 2017. Next, in 2018-2020, she starred as Cami in 52 episodes of Coop and Cami Ask The World on the Disney Channel. Another of her achievements on screen is a guest appearance on Game Shakers on Nickelodeon.

She has also been on stage, where she featured in Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty by Lythgoe Family Productions.

Rose is also a model and has been featured in promotions by brands like Chloe and Under Armour. She was on the catwalk during the benefit fashion event by Otis Parsons, and has modeled on Girls’ Life Magazine.

Rose and Social Media

On TikTok, she has 4.1 million followers, where some of her videos feature her sister Nadia. Like other TikTokers, she mostly dances and lip-syncs.

You can also find her on YouTube in which she joined in October 2013 when she was eight years old. She has a little over 20,000 subscribers and 500,000 views as of January 2021.

Other Accomplishments

Rose is also a young entrepreneur with a line of handbags under the label B.Rosy. These novelty bags come in all manner of emoji designs, from life-size telephones to social media logos. Additionally, she also has a powerful voice, and in 2019, she sang in the American Idol

Her Personal Life

In 2017, rumors spread that she was dating Ashton Rowland. Ashton posted on Twitter alleging that it was true, but she never responded. Nonetheless, the two collaborate in content creation.

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