Mia Hayward

General Facts about Mia Hayward

  • Name: Mia Hayward
  • Date of Birth: 28th July 2000
  • Place of Birth: United States
  • Star Sign: Leo
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Social Media star
  • Net worth: Estimated $1 Million
  • Marital status: Unmarried

Early Life and Education

Mia Hayward was born and raised in San Diego, California, on 28th July 2000. She led a pretty normal life during her childhood days and even attended a local high school around her hometown.

Her parents’ identity remains undisclosed, but she is the only girl child among two brothers with whom she was raised alongside.

Sources reveal that her education level was prematurely cut off as she did not end up joining College or University.

Upon discovering her talent and social media skills, she channeled all her energy into building a career here. Ever since, her star has been on the rise.


Mia’s career took off in her mid-teenage years. She first started posting on her Instagram in November 2016 and has gone on to accumulate over 200,000 followers.

When starting off, her focus was dance and lip-sync videos, and these were largely her stepping stone into the spotlight.

Today, she has infiltrated nearly every social media platform there is, placing her as one of the most influential millennia in America and beyond.

Her TikTok alone has up to 1.5 million loyal subscribers, and this is not counting the thousands who follow her on her Twitter handle.

Mia makes a living off sharing all about her social life. Being creative, her content majorly revolves around playful videos and real-life events, and this is what her fans love to tune in for.

Apart from this, her dashing looks, lean petite, and height of 5.3 feet are other of her strong points that she intends to capitalize on.

She admits modeling has been a lifelong dream and is using her social media networking skills to work her way here. Her Instagram profile is a testament to this, filled with glamorous body shots.

On the side, she earns a decent living from paid content, partnerships, and promotions. Brands use her image for endorsement deals, which has exponentially grown her net base from the thousands mark into millions as of 2020.

Personal Life

Despite being an open book on social media, Mia keeps her personal profile low-key. At present, she resides in Los Angeles. Sources reveal that she was involved with Ryland Storms for two years before the relationship came to an end.

In 2020, she tried a hand at dating again and is currently seeing Thomas Petrou, one of the founders of Hype house.

He features quite often on her Instagram and TikTok accounts doing a couple of challenges. Thomas Petrou and Mia Hayward engaged in 2021.

For leisure, Mia enjoys traveling and spending time with friends. Alex Warren, another popular Youtuber, is said to be one of her closest companions.

She is also a fitness enthusiast, as is evident from her well-toned body.

To get an up-close glimpse of this talent, check her out on her social media handles, Instagram, Tik Tok for everything Mia.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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