Whitney Simmons

Quick Facts about Whitney Simmons

  • Full name: Whitney Simmons
  • Birthday: 27th February 1993
  • Place of Birth: Fresno, California
  • Star Sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: YouTube content creator
  • Net worth: $350,000 – 700,000
  • Spouse: Engaged to Stefan

Whitney runs a fitness and healthy living YouTube channel with 2.03 million subscribers and a remarkable 204 million views (as of early 2021). Her content is different because instead of product reviews, as is common in other fitness channels, her focus is inspirational content for a lifestyle change. She is also a witty vlogger with a conversational style in her videos.

Whitney’s Background

She is the second child in a family of three boys and two girls, and though she was born in California, she also lived in Arizona and Ohio. This fitness YouTuber joined gymnastics from second grade all through to her years in high school. When she joined Utah State University, she put her gymnastic skills to use as a cheerleader; however, she was dismissed from the team soon after her first year, and this led to a season of depression and unhealthy eating.

Her YouTube Career

She launched her YouTube channel on 16th May 2015, and her content includes posts about workout routines, healthy recipes, and grocery shopping. She is also a Gymshark ambassador.

Her other Interests

She runs a swimwear brand called Toluca Swim and TULA, which is a probiotic skincare brand.

Her Personal Life

She got engaged to Stefan in June 2020. They had been dating for a while because they met in 2016, which is the same year she quit her marketing job to become a full-time YouTuber. He keeps a low profile online, so only his first name is available to her fans.

In conclusion, Whitney took her father’s advice and overcame depression from her cheerleading role by going to the gym, and now she is earning a decent income by helping others embrace a healthy lifestyle.

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