Nicholas Godejohn – Biography 2021

Nicholas Godejohn

  • Full name: Nicholas Godejohn
  • Net Worth: $300 000
  • Occupation: Criminal
  • Birthday: May 20, 1989
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Birth Sign: Taurus
  • Spouse: Single

If you are a fan of chilling stories of men who killed that shook you to the core, the story of Nicholas Godejohn and Gypsy Rose will surely stamp on your mind. Even though you probably haven’t heard those names before, Hulu’s series The Act will make sure you never forget them!

The series tells us the story of a mother and daughter, Clauddine “Dee Dee” Blanchard and Gypsy, and their complicated relationships (once you watch the series, you’ll understand “complicated” is mildly put). Although they are the main characters, played brilliantly by Joey King and Patricia Arquette, the one character that took the series to another level was the one of Nicholas Godejohn, Gypsy Rose’s boyfriend, and surprise, surprise- her mother’s killer!

How Did Everything Start?

In 1991, Clauddine Blanchard gave birth to a beautiful little girl. The child, however, suffers from several chronic conditions due to her premature birth. The story of a single mum with a severely disabled daughter quickly catches the attention of many, and the two women face an outpouring of support, including free medical appointments, backstage passes to different concerts, and trips to Walt Disney World.

The family seems more than happy, and all their neighbors like them and try to help them…until June 14, 2015, when Dee Dee is found dead, lying in her own blood in the bedroom of her house.

There is no sign of Gypsy. Since the girl suffers from asthma, leukemia, muscular dystrophy, and brain damage, and her wheelchair and medications are still in the house, the first assumption of the police officers is that she has been abducted. They immediately start to search for Gypsy, but the truth they discover is more than disturbing.

Who is Nicholas Godejohn?

Nick Godejohn is born in Wisconsin and lives there with his family until he meets Gypsy online. Reportedly diagnosed with a low-average IQ and autism spectrum disorder, Nick Godejohn also has a run-in with the law when he is 23 years old and gets caught masturbating at McDonald’s while carrying a folding knife in his pocket.

A few years later, Godejohn and Gypsy meet on a dating site and bond over BDSM, leading an imaginary life online that includes talking about violence and wearing costumes for each other. In 2015 they met in person, and their love sparkle is ignited. You probably wonder how a disabled girl, with the mental capacity of a 7-year-old, can fall in love…well, it turns out the health problems Gypsy has are nothing more but a tool to help her mum get the money and benefits she wants.

Why Would Gypsy Want to kill Her Mother?

When the authorities finally find Gypsy, she isn’t alone. She and her friend try to run away, but they are caught, and in the end, the young woman has no choice but to tell her story. She claims that for almost her entire existence, her mom abuses her, telling everyone around them, she has a litany of illnesses. Dee Dee even forces her to use a wheelchair and a feeding tube, when such are not needed at all.

Some people believe Dee Dee has Munchausen syndrome, a condition where a parent exaggerates or even fabricates illnesses to obtain attention from others. It turns out, the mother has been making Gypsy pass herself off as younger and disabled, subjecting her to unnecessary treatments, and controlling her through both psychological and physical abuse.

How Did The Murder of Dee Dee Blanchard happen?

Gypsy Rose Blanchard boyfriend finds out about these things long before the police, and when they meet in real life, not just on the dating site, he is convinced he needs to take matters into his own hands. They start to plan the murder plot, and a few days later, Godejohn proves to her that he’s ready to do LITERALLY anything to protect her.

Allegedly, Godejohn stabs Gypsy’s mom to death, while she is hiding in the bathroom, covering her ears so that she doesn’t hear her mother’s echoing screams. Sounds horrifying, doesn’t it? Well, yes, but imagine being forced to eat through a feeding tube and not being allowed to walk, even though you can… Then, the couple takes a bus to Wisconsin and tries to hide, but the authorities find them 5 days later.

“We thought we would never get caught,” Gypsy Blanchard said. “I felt like this is a fairy tale and I was going to be the princess that got rescued …”

When they face the judge, Nicholas immediately confesses to killing Gypsy’s mom, sharing that life in prison was the last thing they have been thinking about while planning the murder plot. Even though his intentions were “good” and he wanted to free the young girl, death is never a good thing, and we fully support his sentence.

Hulu’s Series The Act

We really believe the story of Nicholas Godejohn and the murder of Dee is fascinating. He falls in love, but instead of having a happy ending, he gets a first-degree murder sentence and a life in prison. That’s probably because he really falls in love with the “wrong girl”, but who could have thought love can get you sentenced to life?

Truth is, their relationship is undoubtedly strange and interesting, and we get why Hulu would want to create a series based on it. Trust us, if you find this story about the killing of Dee interesting, you will love the series…and besides, who can say “no” to Calum Worthy playing Nick Godejohn?

Nicholas Godejohn and Gypsy Rose Blanchard now

Before receiving his sentence, Godejohn tells the judge that he has never been close with a woman, and when he meets Gypsy, he falls “blindly in love”. Well, this love story, turns into a nightmare, for they are both currently in prison.

Godejohn is sentenced to life, convicted not only of first-degree murder but also of armed criminal action. The interesting part is that Gypsy is also serving a 10-year sentence for second-degree murder, but has found a “new partner in crime”, her husband Ken, whom she meets through a jail pen pal program.

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