Shane Madej – Biography 2019

Shane Madej – Biography 2019

  • Full name: Shane Madej
  • Net Worth: $1 Million
  • Occupation: Video producer for BuzzFeed
  • Birthday: May 16, 1986
  • Birthplace: Schaumburg, Illinois, United States
  • Birth Sign: Taurus
  • Marital status: Unamrried

Shane Madej is a writer for BuzzFeed, as well as a video producer, and he is responsible for YouTube hit videos such as They Were Positively Riveted and What Your Birthday Says About You. He is also an editor and an actor, having appeared in productions such as Ruining History, BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime, and BuzzFeed Unsolved: Supernatural

Getting His Start

Madej was born on May 16, 1986, in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, to Mark and Sherry Madej. He has a brother named Scott. He is 6’ 4” and has brown hair and brown eyes. His online presence includes representation on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and he has a girlfriend named Sara Rubin. BuzzFeed is an Internet media and news company, and he is mostly known for his work on that website.

Shane Alexander Madej graduated from Schaumburg High School in 1999, then attended Columbia College in Chicago. Some of his earlier BuzzFeed productions include Zack and Justin (2015) and BuzzFeed Video in 2012.

His Instagram account is doing especially well, as proven by the fact that he currently makes up to $2,292 per post there. He also sells memorabilia and merchandise related to his TV show on sites such as Amazon, providing for a very lucrative second income. Madej’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

BuzzFeed to the Rescue

Madej’s first video was titled Unusual Facts About Diet Coke, and he premiered it on BuzzFeed’s YouTube channel. People took notice, and pretty soon he was being noticed for other films as well, including They Were Positively Riveted and We Let Some Dogs Watch TV. The BuzzFeed series It’s Personal was developed by Madej, and he collaborates with other BuzzFeed personalities on many of his videos, including Sara Rubin and Jen Rugginello.

In 2016, Ryan Bergara, a producer at BuzzFeed, introduced a series called BuzzFeed Unsolved, which covers topics such as hauntings, unsolved crimes, demonic possessions, and unusual events in history. Almost instantly, the show was a huge hit, in part because it deals with rather morbid subjects in a comedic and somewhat light-hearted fashion.

Nowadays, the BuzzFeed Unsolved Network is part of YouTube’s most popular shows, with thousands of fans all over the globe.

Social Media Presence and More

Madej has a social media presence on sites such as Instagram, where he has over 450,000 followers; Twitter, where he has nearly 200,000 followers; and sites such as Facebook, where he has roughly 16,000 followers or friends. One of the reasons for his success on the Unsolved series is that, while hosting the show with Ryan Bergara, the two hosts have completely different views on the subject matter they report on.

Ryan is a believer in ghosts and various other paranormal phenomena, whereas Madej is more of a skeptic. However, this is one of the many things that make the Unsolved series so popular. In fact, the fans of the show have even developed groups for “Shaniacs” – people who are skeptical about the paranormal, and “Boogaras” – people who are believers. They’ve even developed a third group of people called “Shitfishes,” which includes people who don’t fall into any of these two groups.

Madej also has a slim build and is very tall, making him very popular among many female viewers. No one knows the seriousness about his relationship with Sara Rubin, other than the fact that the two are still dating. In fact, Rubin has made several BuzzFeed videos herself, including How Many of These Awkward Moments Have Happened to You? and Flirting or Not Flirting.

Although BuzzFeed is operated mostly out of New York City, the BuzzFeed Unsolved series is filmed mostly in the Los Angeles area, although some of their episodes are filmed in other places. Madej and his girlfriend live in Los Angeles.

This and That

Shane Madej seems to be an unlikely television and media star, but the Unsolved series on BuzzFeed has become extremely popular in recent years, and it is gaining more viewers with each passing year. This means that both Madej and his co-host Ryan Bergara have also become immensely popular. The fact that he always tries to debunk Bergara’s paranormal theories is something viewers look forward to in each episode, which adds to both the show and Madej’s popularity.

Madej also has a very sweet smile that viewers love, which adds to his many other personal attributes and corporate success. Before he produced his video Unusual Facts About Diet Coke, for example, few people know that placing Mentos candies into a can or bottle of Coke would produce a bombing effect!

Shane Madej is a media sensation thanks mostly to the Unsolved series on BuzzFeed. He posts regularly on his social media accounts and, therefore, is easy to keep up with, and he stays very busy with both his media/Internet life and his personal life. His star is shining bright, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to dim anytime soon.

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