Tayler Holder

General Facts and Figures

  • Full Name: Tayler Holder
  • Occupation: Social Media Star
  • Net worth: $500K to $1 million
  • Born: 19th of August 1997
  • Place Born: Alvarado, Texas
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo
  • Relationship Status: Dating

Who is Tayler Holder?

Tayler holder is an Internet star who began his journey to stardom while still a teenager. He makes content on all major social media platforms, and his influence on social media cannot be ignored.

Early Life and Family

Tayler Holder was born and bred in Texas in a city known as Alvarado. He was born in 1997 to parents only known as Monte and Wendy. Tayler happens to be the youngest child in their family, and he has an elder brother and sister. At the age of three, Tayler began competing in motocross.


Tayler went to high school in Vernon, Texas. He left Texas for Los Angeles to focus on his career when he was eighteen. There is a strong indication that Tayler is not planning to continue with his education.

Rise to Fame

Tayler began making videos on and later joined TikTok and Instagram where he became more famous. He is now known for his diverse content, including clips of him dancing, and lip-syncing


Tayler loves dogs, and he has a Pomeranian dog know as Eli. He is also a singer and has currently released two songs. Tayler has also tried his hand at acting, and he has featured in a short series.


Tayler’s career is anchored around his social media. The young Internet star began his career in 2013 by joining Twitter and later other social media platforms. His career is very successful today because of TikTok, where he has a vast audience. He often collaborates with other social media stars. Some of them are Bryce Hall, Ayla Woodruff, and Lisa and Lena Mantler. His social media accounts have been monetized, and he makes money through ad revenue or sponsorships.

Tayler is also a big star and has been receiving numerous endorsement deals that supplement his ad revenue. His net worth today is estimated to range between 500K and $1 million.

Social Media

Tayler has a massive following on TikTok with 18.1 million followers, making him a major TikTok celebrity. He also has about 896.2 million likes on the platform. On Instagram, Tayler has 5.9 million followers, while on YouTube, he shares his content to about 1.8 million subscribers.

Personal Life

Tayler lives in Los Angeles where he has many influencer friends. He was once considered a member of the Hype House, but it is unclear whether he is still a member since he left the physical Hype House in October 2020. Tayler is dating the model Charly Jordan, who has been featuring in his social media a lot. In his free time, he likes playing sports and riding dirt bikes.

Tayler holder is a rising star with so much potential. He has everything it takes to get into the mainstream entertainment industry and become a bigger star.

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