General Facts about 39daph

  • Full name: Daphne Wai
  • Birthday: 3rd September 1998
  • Place of Birth: Canada
  • Star Sign: Virgo
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Occupation: Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator
  • Net worth: $650,000
  • Spouse: Single

39daph is a famous video game streamer on Twitch, where she has a following of 760,000 followers. She is also a digital illustrator, who shares her work on Twitch and Instagram. She draws inspiration from anime.
The 39 in her online name stands for her birth date and month.

39daph’s Background

She was born in Canada, and her parents are from China and Hong Kong. She joined Twitch in July 2019. Some of her favorite video games are Maple Story 2, Terraria, and Minecraft. In 2020, she moved to Brazil.

Her Social Media Presence

Her Instagram account has 277,000 followers, and on Twitter, she has 215,700 followers. On YouTube, she has 586,000 subscribers, whereby she joined this platform in April 2018.

Her most viewed video is titled Smartest Streamer in Canada. Another video that received over a million views is a vlog from her trip to Texas with other streamers like Macaiyla, Russel, Malena, and Sodapoppin.

Her Personal Life

In a Q&A on her YouTube channel, posted in 2019, she confirmed that she was dating. It is rumored that she is dating Brandon Winn, Aceu, who is also a streamer, and that he is the reason she moved to Brazil to be close to him.

In conclusion, 39daph’s love for digital art began with her first works when she was ten years old. She prefers digital art to traditional art because digital art requires fewer art supplies; hence, it is less expensive and does not involve a cleanup process.

Net Worth

According to average earnings, 39daph makes about $108k from Twitch and $180k from YouTube annually, for a total of $288k or $24k per month. She also receives additional income from deals, sponsorships, ad revenue, and art commissions.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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