General Facts about Adeptthebest

  • Full Names: Unknown
  • Born on: 3rd March 1994
  • Place of Birth: Austin, Texas
  • Star Sign: Pisces
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Gaming streamer
  • Net worth: $500,000
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

Adept is a gamer with 299,000 followers on Twitch and she plays video games like Ninjala, Overwatch, Valorant, and Rust.

She is so mysterious that her real name is unknown though her roommate, xQc, sometimes calls her Sammy or Sam. She says more people know her as Adept, so she is okay going by that name only.

Her Gaming Career

She started playing video games on her Xbox before she became a streamer. While playing games like Call of Duty, she would hear other gamers mentioning Twitch in their conversations in the gaming lobby. Out of curiosity, after learning what the platform was all about, she joined Twitch to lure more people to join her Black Ops 2 and other games lobbies.

Adept started playing Overwatch in 2017. Within no time, more gamers were coming in and staying with her as she streamed. It motivated her to keep streaming as she was making friends.

Currently, her Twitch account is the most popular of all her social media platforms. She joined YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram in 2016, where her YouTube channel has over 27 million views and 103,000 subscribers as of 2022. She has some game videos on her channel, but the largest percentage of her content consists of reaction videos.

Adept has a larger audience on Twitter than on Instagram, with 137,000 followers on Twitter and 81,000 on Instagram. On Instagram, the only posts that show she is a gamer are the occasional promotions of her sponsors or news about an upcoming gaming challenge. Other than that, she posts pictures of herself.

Her parents are supportive, and her mother always mentions when she sees Adept’s videos circulating online. Some of the brands she is working with are Turtle Beach and Roccat.

Her Other Interests

Adept wanted to pursue business administration and interior design in college. However, gaming has become her full-time activity though she hopes to go back to school in the future.

Her Personal Life

Rumors suggest that she is dating a fellow streamer known as xQc. The two began as collaborators before xQc moved into her house. However, in 2019, xQc said that he loved his freedom and didn’t want to be tied down.

In conclusion, for a person who put going to college on hold to pursue a gaming career, she is reaping the benefits.

Net Worth

She launched her Twitch channel in 2017 and loves to share her everyday experience with her fans on Instagram. She has a net worth of roughly $500,000 USD.

Adept has numerous sponsors and gets paid pretty handsomely from them. She has been receiving a lot of criticism from various people on her social media yet many do commend her on her full-time career of streaming.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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