Chase Hudson

General Facts about Chase Hudson

  • Full Name: Cole Chase Hudson
  • Born on: 15th May 2002
  • Place of Birth: Stockton, California
  • Star Sign: Taurus
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Social Media Personality, Singer
  • Net worth: $3 Million
  • Marital Status: Unmarried

Chase, known as Lil Huddy online, is one of the top personalities on TikTok and one of the founders of The Hype House. He has created almost 10,000 TikTok videos.

His Family & Education Background

He was born on 15th May 2002 in Stockton, California. His parents are Cole and Tamora Hudson, and he has two sisters.

He went to Bear Creek High School up to his sophomore year, when he switched to digital learning to have time to keep up with his growing popularity on social media.

In 11th grade, Chase took more classes in a semester such that he completed the year early.

His Social Media Career

Chase joined TikTok and YouTube in 2018. He founded TikTok’s The Hype House with Thomas Petrou, Daisy Keech, Addison Rae, and others in December 2019.

The Hype House grew the number of his followers exponentially because he had 3.5 million fans when the collaborative squad formed, and the follower count jumped to 12 million a month and a half later.

His Instagram posts are mainly his pictures. On TikTok, Chase does duets, dances, and lip-sync videos to songs of famous singers like Pitbull and Justin Bieber.

His YouTube channel has 22 million views so far, but he has since removed some vlogs, such as the first one he posted in September 2018.

A number of his most-viewed videos on YouTube are collaborations with other social media personalities. For instance, a video where Charli D’Amelio, his former girlfriend, does his Christmas makeup has over 5 million views.

Another video, where he rates Halloween candy with his friends, has over 7.7 million views. His first two collaborations were with the TikTok stars Avani Gregg and Payton Moormeier.

Chase Hudson’s and Avani Gregg’s net worth make them part of the top 5 richest members of the Hype House

His Accomplishments

As of August 2022, his TikTok account has over 29 million fans.

His Twitter account has 2.7 million followers, and his YouTube channel has 1.9 million subscribers. His social media influence is so huge that he has 10.8 million followers on Instagram, with 42 posts only.

Chase is signed with the William Morris Endeavor (WME) agency, and his manager is Erika Monroe-Williams. WME represent him in commercials, film, television, and modeling.

His Other Interests

Chase loves the e-boy (electronic boy) fashion style, so he wears nail polish and jewelry, among other fashion accessories associated with this style.

He is also a fan of K-Pop music, and he got tickets to a BTS concert in 2019.

His Personal Life

He dated Charli D’Amelio for about four months. They announced the start of their relationship on Instagram on Valentine’s Day in 2020.

The two broke up in April 2020, with Charli claiming Chase had cheated on her with other TikTok stars.

One of the alleged flings was with Nessa Barrett, another TikTok star, and the allegations were that he was sending her private messages.

Despite their breakup, they seem to be good friends, as she still appears in some of his TikTok videos.

Before his relationship with D’Amelio, Chase dated Cynthia Parker for a few months in 2019.

In conclusion, after rising to the top as a TikTok star, Chase is now pursuing other interests. For instance, he starred in Downfalls High as Fenix in 2020.

Net Worth

The California native, also known as Lil Huddy, has established a significant internet presence and a sizable financial worth. Chase’s estimated net worth is $3 million.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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