James Charles

General Facts about James Charles

  • Full Names: James Charles Dickinson
  • Born on: 23rd May 1999
  • Place of Birth: Albany County, New York
  • Nationality: American
  • Occupation: Makeup Artist, Social Media Personality, YouTuber
  • Net worth: $22 Million
  • Spouse: Unmarried

James is a makeup artist who has worked on affluent personalities like Kylie Jenner and Iggy Azalea. He is also a YouTuber with one of the largest audiences on a beauty channel.

To add on, He is also the creator and host of the Instant Influencer reality show and the first male brand spokesperson for CoverGirl.

His Family Background

He was born and raised in Bethlehem, Albany County, and graduated from high school in 2017. His mother is Christie Dickinson, and he came out as gay when he was 12. His younger brother, Ian Dickinson, is also an influencer.

Career Background

He began hairstyling around 12 years old, and his father taught him how to braid and helped him convert the basement into a studio where he could do makeup on his friends.

At 16 years, he was posting his makeup looks on Instagram and gave his audience makeup tips. About two years later, he had a combined YouTube and Instagram audience of 15 million fans.

The content on his YouTube channel ranges from makeup tutorials to reaction videos and Q&A. His videos get over one million views, some getting 20 to 50 million views.

He has over 25 million subscribers on YouTube, about the same number of Instagram followers, and over 33 million fans on TikTok. On TikTok, some of his videos get over 50 million views, and his content is diverse, ranging from duets to dances.


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Other Accomplishments

He became a spokesperson for CoverGirl in 2016, joining the list of other brand ambassadors like Kate Perry, Zendaya, and Pink.

In 2020, he launched the Instant Influencer reality show, which sought to award the best makeup vlogger with $50,000.

From 2018, he was part of the Sister Squad comprised of him, the Dolan twin brothers, and Emma Chamberlain. He was friends with Ethan and Grayson long before the squad formed, and their friendship started after he kept writing flirtatious comments on the Instagram content of the brothers.

Instead of taking offense, the brothers asked him to help them do their makeup on Halloween. Emma was also an online acquaintance of James, and when she moved to LA, the four of them teamed up and formed the squad. However, they broke up in 2019 without explaining to their fans.’


He has been at the center of several controversies ranging from racist remarks about Ebola in Africa to transphobia. Allegedly, one of the reasons the Sister Squad broke up was because none of the team members wanted to be associated with his conflicts.

One of the most severe of the conflicts is a feud between him and his then-friend Tati Westbrook. Tati uploaded a video on Instagram alleging that he was manipulative and predatory, and he had looked for a vitamin supplement deal knowing she was also promoting a rival brand.

Within a day, he lost over 1 million followers on YouTube. His response to the video flopped and received one of the highest numbers of dislikes on YouTube.

Later, he attempted an apology video, which stopped his subscriber count from dropping and earned him about 1 million subscribers. This apology video is titled No More Lies, and it has over 50 million views. Eventually, after the back-and-forth battle, Tati deleted the initial video.

Personal Life

Asked about Botox and lip filler, he confirmed that he had some work done on his lips, and he got botox injections to prevent wrinkles because his father has quite a few wrinkles on his forehead.

Rumors abound about his dating life, and they have linked him to Grayson Dolan and Tfue, among others. Towards the end of 2020, he was rumored to be dating Lil Nas, but Lil Nas stated in a tweet that two gay guys could work together without it always being romanticized.

Net Worth

James Charles’ net worth is believed to be $22 million. Although he is not among the top paid YouTubers, he has a variety of sources of income, and each one brings in a sizable amount of money for him.

Other Interests

His Sisters Apparel brand sells bodysuits, hats, sweatpants, and t-shirts, among other items. He would also like to pursue a music career as he has a beautiful voice.

In conclusion, his list of accomplishments as a makeup artist, an entrepreneur, and a social media personality reads long.


Written by Husein Gradasevic

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